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Bombas Baby And Toddler Slippers & Slipper Reviews

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We are Bombas family members! Bombas slippers toddler are worn by everyone, including the infant! I love that my kids can keep their Bombas on their feet, that they are brightly coloured, and that they last for a long time. In this essay, I will present a full study of the Bombas slippers in baby and toddler sizes, as well as various photographs to demonstrate the size difference between the two categories of footwear.

Bombas for Adults

When I wanted new slippers for my twins, my mother-in-law suggested I get bombas slippers toddler for them because she liked the adult-sized Bombas. However, when I saw how much it cost, I immediately changed my mind. There was no way in hell I was going to spend that much money on children’s slippers.

Slippers of the Finest Quality

As a result, my mother-in-law ended up buying a set for the kids and presenting it to us as a gift. I instantly realised my blunder after putting them to use. These slippers are of exceptional quality. They do not trip over the children! They have a bright colour! They’re great fun! The best part is that we’ve had these for about two years and they’re still in good condition.

The Bombas Baby Slippers Review

When we first began purchasing bombas slippers toddler for the twins, the brand did not yet make the baby size, so I was excited to try on the Baby Gripper Bombas Slippers with Cal, my youngest child.

Bombas slippers toddler are not the most cost-effective option when it comes to purchasing slippers for children, as each pair costs between $4 and $6. In contrast, I believe that in the long run, quality may often be found at lower pricing.

Generic Infant Slippers

The generic baby slippers I purchased for the twins from Amazon or Target were of very poor quality. I soon stopped using them since they never stayed in place. Bombas slippers toddler, on the other hand, are not removed. They are also pretty colourful and would look wonderful with whichever outfit you choose.

Slippers for Toddlers

I tried on Cal’s toddler-sized slippers that belonged to the twins when he was between four and six months old. While they did fit, the baby-sized slippers were much more comfortable. The toddler-sized ones kept his feet warm, but they occasionally slipped off, but the baby-sized bombas slippers toddler fit him like a glove.

Bombas Slippers in sizes 0-6 months

I’m not sure you’ll find much use for the 0-6 month-sized bombas slippers toddler if you don’t live in an extremely cold location or if your baby is due in the middle of a cold winter season. To be honest, I’m not even convinced you will. Because infants usually wear footie pyjamas, swaddle blankets, and sleep sacks, acquiring these goods is a total and utter waste of money during the first six months of an infant’s existence, in my humble and sunny Los Angeles opinion.

Bombas Slippers’ Gripping Bottoms

The bombas slippers toddler are available in sizes 6-12 months and all have gripping bottoms. The grippy slippers came highly suggested by me because they are useful while your baby is pushing herself up on anything and starting to walk. This is especially important if you have hardwood floors.

Cal, who is nearly 15 months old, can still wear the baby slippers. They’re still in great condition, so when they’re no longer suitable for my child, I’ll be able to give them to a friend who is expecting a smaller child.

A Look at Some Bombas Slippers for Toddlers

Because you may need to switch to toddler-size slippers between the ages of 12 and 18 months, I thought I’d share my thoughts on those slippers with you. We like to wear the Toddler Calf bombas slippers toddler. Take a look at this image to observe how much larger the toddler shoes are than the baby slippers:

Gripper Slippers Are An Excellent Investment

As previously stated, my family adores Bombas slippers for my twins. They started wearing them when they were a little more than a year old, and they are still wearing them more than two and a half years later. When my children were young and just beginning to walk.
I thought the gripper slippers to be an excellent buy. They’re always moving around in these slippers, so it doesn’t matter if they have grippers on their shoes or not.
And I couldn’t be happier with how beautifully their slippers match my bright bombas slippers toddler!

Bombas 100% Happiness Guarantee

During those two years, only six of our hundreds of pairs of toddler slippers developed any holes. I recently emailed Bombas regarding their 100% Happiness Guarantee, and I’m happy to say that they do, in fact, make things right when there is an issue.

What Exactly Is The Happiness Warranty?

“The Happiness Guarantee assures that we will do all it takes for you to be satisfied with your bombas discount code, regardless of how long it may take,” according to Bombas. If your slippers do not fit properly, we can help you return or exchange them. If your shirt develops a hole, please notify us and we will replace it. Your dog chewed up your slippers, but we’ll replace them for you. Do you think the Happiness Guarantee will be able to meet your request in any way?

Bombas Kid-Proof Promise

However, they also provide a Kid-Proof Guarantee, which claims, “It’s common known that children enjoy running through the home, performing somersaults, going barefoot outside, and going for long slides on the hardwood floor.” Don’t be concerned if your children’s Bombas get scuffed, ripped, or just outgrow them.


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