Boiling Water Challenge Is Hospitalizing Many People

Boiling Water Challenge Is Hospitalizing Many People


In the US currently a majority of states are covered under snow because of the polar vortex and this situation might be making some people uncomfortable, but there’s of a group of few people who are taking boiling water challenge. Now in this challenge, one can see people are throwing boiling water into the air and watching it getting a freeze in a few seconds. This boiling water challenge is getting lots of viral among people also it might look good, but health experts are saying that it is sending many people into a hospital. According to reports, more than eight people took part in a challenge who have been treated at the burn center of Chicago’s Loyola University Medical Center because those people went from some severe burn injuries. One of the health officials from the hospital said that patients had some burn injuries on their face, hand, feet, and arms.

On the other hand, some doctors from the University of Iowa Burn Treatment Center in Iowa City said that they are seeing such type of patients a lot from the last few weeks. However, one of the exciting thing which doctors have found about this boiling water challenge is that those people who were watching the stunt or recording that video also faced some serious injuries. Health experts are saying that sometimes parents go out with their children to do this challenge along with their kids while doing this stunt they end up throwing that hot boiling water upon their own children. Due to the polar vortex, more than seventy-five percent of the total population in the US is covered up with freezing temperature which is making many people sick. However, those who are taking boiling water challenge are inviting some severe injuries to their health.

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