Blue Origins New Sheperd Rocket Set to Launch on Monday

New Sheperd, the Suborbital spaceflight system of the Blue Origins is ready to fly in the space again on Monday. Initially, the Blue Origins wanted to launch the New Sheperd Rocket in December. But due to multiple technical and errors delayed the flight until a long time. But after sorting out all of the issues, the New Sheperd Rocket is set to launch on January 21st, 2019. This will be the 10th Test flight of the New Sheperd Rocket, as the Jeff Bezos led Blue Origins is testing the Suborbital Spaceflight system for future projects.

In the last year, the company faced multiple ground-based infrastructure issues and the technical issues, which forced them to delay the launch. The infrastructure issues were severe, and now the company has resolved all of them. As per the company, all of the problems are fixed and if the weather stays good as it is now, they are ready to send New Sheperd Rocket on its 10th Test flight. The New Sheperd has the reusable rocket and the space capsule. The rocket will try to make a landing on the test site just like the SpaceX rockets do.

Even though it’s a test flight, the New Sheperd Rocket will carry a total of nine payloads in the space. All of these nine payloads are NASA sponsored. One payload will have the gear, that will study the behavior of the rocket fuel in the microgravity situations, and other is the project to understand the electromagnetic fields of the earth. The Blue origins, the company, led by Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos is working on the Big rockets, that can be used to Orbital missions effectively. These rockets with the New Glenn Boosters will make their first trip to space in 2021.

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