Bezos’ Security Officer Says Saudi Arabia Hacked the Billionaire’s Phone

On Saturday, the security chief of Jeff Bezos claimed the Saudi government of having access to Bezos’ phone and gained personal information from it. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos ordered an inquiry to look into the exposure by The National Enquirer. At the time, the tabloid obtained personal conversation between Bezos and his girlfriend, Lauren Sanchez. Gavin De Becker, Bezos’ security consultant, published a post in The Daily Beast, to shed some light on the matter. The security consultant reveals that his team of investigators has determined with high certainty that the Saudis had access to Bezos’ phone. But the finding does not expose close ties with the data the tabloid claimed to have.

Before two months, in January, The National Enquirer, US tabloid, published a series of private chats between Mr. Bezos and Ms. Lauren. The news arrived shortly after the billionaire announced to step out from his 25-year-old married life. The world’s richest man now wanted a divorce from his wife, MacKenzie Bezos. Following the exposure by the tabloid, Mr. Bezos published a post in February. The executive claimed Enquirer and its parent company, AMI, tried to blackmail him with intimate photos with the lady. The story is the latest chapter of disputes between Bezos and President Donald Trump. Mr. Bezos is also an owner of a leading newspaper, The Washington Post. The President has classified the paper as a lobbyist publication. As per Trump, both Bezos and the Post are threats.

Thus in Saturday’s post, de Becker said AMI personally appealed him not to investigate for any proof of pirating in their newscasting process. He evinced that the Saudis had access to Bezos’ phone, and retrieved personal information. In his post, de Becker noted some of the techniques reportedly used by the Saudis to attack people. They implement procedures like creating artificially trending hashtags online, to trap people. Becker also claimed the government to use a cluster of bots to attack the Amazon executive. He handover the proofs obtained from the inquiry to the fed officials.

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