Imagine relaxing or unwinding on your patio or poolside under the shade of your new umbrella during a hot day. As the sun’s position starts to move across the sky, you find yourself back in the blaring heat. To prevent the rays from directly touching you, you have to change your seat around to the other side. If you have the umbrella at the center of your table, then you might have to move the entire table around. This entire experience could frustrate you enormously.

It gets worse if you own a commercial business. If your guests don’t feel comfortable, your commercial establishment might get a bad name. 

However, you can avoid all this hassle if you buy a large cantilever umbrella. The heavy duty commercial umbrellas can simply adjust the position of the device anywhere you’d like in seconds to block the sun.

And this is not the only benefit! Read on to learn more about how an outdoor restaurant umbrella or a large cantilever umbrella can be useful to you in several ways…

Convenient setup: A cantilever umbrella is easy to set up. Since you’re not relying on a particular piece of furniture or placing the umbrella in a certain spot, you can set up the umbrella faster.

360-degree coverage: Cantilever umbrellas come with a tilt and rotatable feature. This means that you can adjust its position 360 degrees to easily keep the sunlight off of you. In other words, you can tilt the angle of your branded outdoor umbrella as the sun moves in the sky. With a large cantilever umbrella that has a tilting feature, you can block the sun all day, and provide more shade for your outdoor settings. This makes it ideal versus a patio umbrella because you can have a good coverage and shade at all times of the day from both the sun and rain. 

No drilling or tables with holes required: With a heavy duty commercial umbrella, you won’t have to drill a hole in your table. You also won’t have to buy a table with a hole. In fact, one can use any table they want, and simply place the umbrella over it! This makes things a lot easier since you can practically choose any table you like.

Flexible furniture placement: If you use a cantilever umbrella, you would have more flexibility in the placement of your outdoor furniture, rather than being obligated to stick with certain tables or chairs that go around a traditional patio umbrella.

Rather, you can have more furniture options and place your umbrella anywhere you like. This gives you multiple options and choices when doing your patio shopping. In fact, you can easily change the arrangement of your furniture if you get bored with the look and feel of your outdoor space. 

Easy to store: If you are not using cantilever umbrellas, you can easily store them away because they are not stuck to a particular piece of furniture. These outdoor restaurant umbrellas are easy to open and close. So you can simply close your umbrella and store it in someplace when not in use.

Easy to Operate: Cantilever umbrellas are easy to operate because it takes only a touch and a push to adjust the umbrella for the perfect angle and setting. The umbrellas also have multiple functions including rotation, tilt and height adjustment of the canopy.

Size and shape: The branded outdoor umbrellas are available in various size and shape options. In fact, you can match your umbrella to your outdoor decor and give your home the best look possible. Sizes range from small to very large covering but you must always consider how much coverage you need and whether you will need a single umbrella or multiple to provide the right amount of shade.

Space: A cantilever umbrella doesn’t have a pole underneath in the center so there is a lot of freedom to move around and plenty of room to place the furniture underneath the canopy. It also gives you an unobstructed view without the centre pole.

Perfect for any season: Large cantilever umbrellas are ideal for multiple weather conditions and seasons. Whether it is hot, raining, windy, or even snowing, a cantilever umbrella can keep you protected during every season.


Large cantilever umbrellas are incredibly popular in Australia because they offer a lot of benefits. They are portable and easy to set up, provide you with 360 degree sun protection, free up floor space, come in a range of shapes and sizes, are great to look at.

In fact, you can use the umbrellas to embellish your outdoor set up. They have a sleek design and look stylish, adding a modern vibe to your space. You can also customize the umbrellas and use your own design and logo to promote your brand. Now, we hope that after reading this blog, you will be able to understand how a cantilever umbrella can benefit you.

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