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Top 5 must watch Ben Affleck Movies


In the recent history of Hollywood, there is less or no actor who had that many public ups and downs, just like Ben Affleck. Ben is always in front of the target of controversy, acclaim, and derision among his twenties in Hollywood.

He is awarded an Oscar a couple of times for incredible performance as an actor, writer, producer, and director. But, in this journey of ups and down, Ben Affleck always surprises his fans through his fantastic work performance. So, you should know Ben Affleck’s top 5 movies of the time. These include:


Argo is also among the blockbuster movies of Ben Affleck’s career. This movie is considered the combination of themes that Ben shows in his whole acting career. Furthermore, the story of Argo is jaw-dropping, which consists of innovation and struggle. 

The struggle of a father who wants to join his children. This story is uniquely for only the most talented actor Ben Affleck.


Good Will Hunting:

It is another movie of great significance. The screenplay of his movie is entirely heartfelt. This blockbuster movie was a great idea to select Benn Affleck and his Matt Damon. Both of these are also best friends in real life. 

Shockingly, a couple of unknown screenwriters will work for well-known Hollywood filmmakers such as Gus Van Sant.

Additionally, it is rare and wonders that two best friends work as film stars in a movie. Consequently, when the movie becomes a blockbuster, it ensures that these friends are still embodying.

In this movie, both play the role of aspiring kids who kill their dream in some perspectives. Then in the youth period, they have nothing but growing up with childhood trauma.


The Accountant

The year 2016 was not good for Ben Affleck, as he was suffering from substantial financial and critical failures. The root cause of this failure was Dawn of Justice and Batman Vs. Superman. Instead of all these failures, he worked under stress and made his grand appearance in another movie known as “The Accountant.”

It is a compelling picture in which Benn Affleck plays the role of Chris Wolf, who is one of the soft-hearted accountants. In this picture, he runs a private office, and then he secretly finds out the financial crimes through his skills. 

Moreover, you will see that the character of Wolf is an autistic guy who becomes nervous in a social gathering. Besides all the silly things, he is one of the severe and sensitive personalities.


Gone Girl:

In this movie, Ben Affleck acts as Nick Dunne. Gone Girl movie is based on a funny and disturbing thriller. Additionally, Nick plays the role of a sympathetic and hateful person. In this movie, there are severe marital issues between the couple, and one day his wife Amy becomes lost.


The Town:

In his career, Ben proves himself as an outstanding filmmaker. He works with a few or more best directors and, in return, learns essential things. 

Ben Affleck tested him with “The Town .” Moreover, he acts in his movie as a star and plays the role of Dough McRay. Finally, he joins the heist crew and Robb the bank.  

the town.jpg


It is a brief explanation of Ben Affleck’s all-time favourite movies. If you are new, this information will surely help you watch the best one.

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