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Facebook advertising is one of the most effective ways of targeting potential customers for your business. Facebook ads are a good platform that allows digital marketers to push their businesses to the next level

Many growth hack strategies can be implemented with the facebook advertising platform. They have a lot of options that a marketer can choose from. In the course of this article, I am going to walk you through a guide on how to run a successful facebook ad campaign. 

Why choose Facebook Advertisement?

There are so many reasons why marketers should invest their money and time on facebook ads. With the multiple options that facebook ads offer, one can have a creative control over their ads and wind up with the best results. 

Facebook ads allow users to target audiences that are related to their business niche. For instance, a brand that owns microgreens pop-up stores in California can target facebook audiences that have interest in microgreens, and at the same time, located in California, USA. A niche specific audience can be targeted and retargeted with facebook ads. This gives digital marketers flexibility as to how they direct potential customers  to their sales funnel. 

Here is another fun fact; your facebook ad campaign can also be connected to your instagram ad campaign.  In fact, you can run both ad networks in a single campaign. This way you can reach out to your niche-specific audience on both platforms. 

One general worry people have about facebook ads, is that it is expensive. But on the bright side, it is cheaper that some of its alternatives like Google advertising platform– Adwords. In some cases, when facebook gives you a high relevance score, you would get a low CPC ( Cost Per click) rate. This usually implies that facebook sees your ad copy as a good fit for your target audience. 

Taking a Dip into Facebook Advertising Guide 

Creating facebook ads that can convert your target audience to customers is not an easy task. 

In the course of subsequent paragraphs, we would be looking at a stepwise guide on how to use facebook ads to increase conversions. 

1. Start By Developing Your Advertisement Strategy 

Before you take a dip at the facebook Ads Manager, you need to first have an advertisement strategy in place. Without one in place, you would be dazzled with the multitude of options that are available and the end up creating an ad campaign that does not target the useful audience. 

Here are some questions you need to answer before you think of starting a facebook ad campaign:

  • Who are my target audiences?
  • How would my target audience use the product that I am offering?
  • What are the kinds of services that my brand is promoting?
  • What objections or pain points would or might my potential customers have?
  • What stage of the sales funnels are my leads in?
  • What is the general goal of my facebook ad campaign?
  • Is the purpose of my ads to; get traffic, sales, brand awareness, or something else?

You would not be able to create purpose driven ads if you cannot pinpoint the purpose of your campaign. Therefore, it would be noteworthy to say that the beginning of your facebook ad campaign itself, but the plan/ advertising strategy. 

2. Choose your Ad Campaign Objective

In the process of developing your campaign strategy, it is important that you pinpoint its objective. Facebook has algorithms in place that optimizes your ad campaign based on your objectives.  With the right objective, you can earn a lower CPC and maximize the profit potential of your ad campaign. 

Here is a list of some ad campaign objectives that you can choose from;

  • Reach 
  • Audience Engagement 
  • Traffic
  • App Installs
  • Brand awareness
  • Messages
  • Conversions
  • Ecommerce store visits
  • Catalogue sales
  • Video views

In selecting an objective, you have to choose one that cohesively aligns with your brands profit expectations. For instance if you are running a campaign to promote an app that represents a service that your brand offers, it would be best to choose the objective option; “App installs”, instead of “Brand Awareness”.  Sure, you do some brand awareness, but not at the expense of app installs. 

3 Target Your Niche-Specific Audience 

After developing an ad ad strategy, the next step would be to decide where to target. In fleshing this out, target a location that is close to your brick and mortar business. If you do not have a brick and mortar business, then go for a locale that has an audience that is highly convertible. In this case, targeting an audience that stays in urban settlements would be best. 

 The location of your audience is not the only thing that a user should target. Here are other targeting options that are available in facebook advertising;

  • Lookalike audiences
  • Interest based or behavior targeting 
  • Demographic targeting 
  • Custom audiences
  • Connection targeting 

4. Select Where You Want Your Ad To Be Displayed

The next step is for you to select where you want your ads formats to be placed. One can choose to place the facebook ads on apps, devices, Instagram or the facebook site. It would be worth noting that facebook owns the “Facebook audience network”. This Network is used by ad publishers to show facebook ads on web apps and mobile apps. This means that facebook has coverage for showing ads on apps and devices. 

In the ad placement setting, one can still opt for desktop only or both desktop and mobile platforms. 

5. Set a Budget For your Facebook Ads

In the next step, you have to select a budget for your facebook ads campaign, followed by an optimization method. One can select a lifetime budget for the ads or set a daily budget. The dates can be scheduled for starting, ending or running indefinitely. In facebook advertisement, you can choose to use a feature known as dayparting, as this allows you to choose the times your ads run in certain days of the week. 

In addition to setting your budget, you can also choose to optimize your ads. You can also switch your facebook biding type from clicks to impressions and vice versa. 

6. Select a Format for your Facebook ads

There are lots of formats that your facebook ads can take on. Here is a list the different ad formats that you can employ;

  • Video ads
  • Carousel Ads
  • Canvas Ads
  • Single Image Ads
  • Collections

These facebook ad types have their own unique advantages. Amongst all these ad types, the ones that have the highest Click through rates and audience engagement are video and carousel ads. 

7. Keep an Eye on Your Facebook ads 

After running successful tests on your ad campaigns and determining which format is best. Kickstart your ad  campaign and monitor it carefully. There are some ad campaigns that can increase your CPC, while there are others that don’t. 

With the Facebook ads manager, you would see the details of all your active facebook campaigns, check out the frequency and monitor the CPC. All this valuable data would help you to re-strategize for your next facebook advertisement campaign.

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