Beauty when the cosmos understands


Many people are moved when they hear the name of the beauty pageant. People who are not interested in this competition are rarely found. After 21 years, India got Miss Universe again. While many Indians are overjoyed to be crowned Miss World, Vaishna Roy, Associate Editor of The Hindu, highlights another aspect of the competition.

While watching Miss World 2021, Vaishna Roy could not understand the difference between Miss Paraguay and Miss India. As the camera turned, the two beauties held each other’s hands. Vaishna Roy’s then looked like they were two schoolgirls. At one point it felt like twin sisters.

Vaishna Roy has also explained the reason for this. She thinks the various stages of the beauty pageant are meaningless and painful for the contestants. All the contestants are dressed in the same outfit. Their physical constitution is similar in terms of competition. The beauties of the world are also dressed in western style. Competitors wear beach attire in the West.

At a moment of competition when the beauty of India’s cosmopolitan Harnaz Sandhu was being discussed, he said that there are many more problems in the world besides this. He expressed interest in talking about it. But Vaishna Roy noticed that Harnaz forgot to sit in Israel and talk about the Palestinian crisis, even though he talked about many other crises in the world. This time the 70th Miss Universe event was held in Eilat, Israel. But neither the competitors nor the organizers spoke out about the expansion of the Jewish settlement in Palestine and the crisis there.

Vaishna Roy noticed that some of the contestants were wearing Palestinian clothes. They also had Palestinian food with them. But there was the hashtag Israel. According to Vaishna Roy, in this way they also took part in the process of annihilation of Palestine.

In the final judgment, perfect beauty is celebrated in the world beauty pageant. Vaishna Roy has compared this competition to making a perfect mannequin.

At one point in the competition, Harnaz said, you have to feel unique. You have to stop comparing yourself with others. Vaishna Roy thinks that this statement of Harnaz is self-contradictory. Because, Harnaz has taken part in a competition where 60 people are being declared as the most beautiful. Among them, the top 10 have been selected as the most beautiful. And one of them has been chosen as the most beautiful. Vaishna Roy said that comparison with each other is the main theme of this competition. He thinks it’s pointless to talk about being unique there.

Vaishna Roy has ridiculed the rules of beauty pageant. Participants in the competition take part in the Cat Walk, he said. Many of them wore high heels. It was very difficult for them to walk that way after the gown. Their dress and grooming had no representation of their own country. They had to laugh for a while. According to him, the whole process was stupid, sad.

According to Vaishna Roy, many of the contestants worked on children’s and women’s rights. However, there is no mention of the work of the contestants. The criteria for verification in the competition are height, weight, body shape, teeth and nose. Because, here women are rewarded for their physical or external beauty.
Those who criticize the rules and rationale of this competition are told that this is an opportunity for women’s empowerment.

In this context, Vaishna Roy mentions Nelson Mandela’s grandson. When she called for a boycott of the Miss Universe pageant, Miss Universe Iraq was sharply criticized. Raises the question, why would a man talk about women and women’s

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