Barcelona Xavi’s first bone, Liverpool’s suffocating win

Barcelona Xavi’s first bone, Liverpool’s suffocating win


Barcelona did not have time for the first rate under Xavi!

have to win their last match in the group stage to advance to the last 16 of the Champions League match against Bayern Munich on Wednesday. The Catalans have no record of ever winning at Bayern again. Before that match, Bar a will get something to look forward to under the new coach, on the contrary, they have lost! Bar  loss to Real Betis at their home ground Camp Nou is the shortest (1-0).

England have Liverpool in the opposite position of Bara. Where Barাa is beating, Liverpool are flying. Despite losing to Atletico Madrid, AC Milan and Porto in the Champions League, Jর্গrgen Klopp’s side have already secured the last 16, and are well on their way to the Premier League title. Liverpool got a chance to run a little further today. The Allreds won 1-0 at Wolverhampton with a goal from Divak Origi in added time.

In the previous match, Chelsea, which was at the top of the league, lost 3-2 at West Ham. After this victory in their own match, although for a while, Liverpool has risen to the top of the league. At the end of 15 matches, now Liverpool has 34 points, Chelsea has 33 points. However, Manchester City (33 points from 14 matches), currently at number three on the points table, is playing at Watford. If City wins that match, however, by pushing Liverpool to two and Chelsea to three, City will rise to the top of the league.

For now, the club doesn’t seem to be thinking much about it. After losing to Chelsea, his own team needed to win today, what did Liverpool do with a sigh of relief! The goal in the match was the same, but the whole time it seemed, Liverpool got the goal now! Liverpool, who have 7% of the ball, have taken 17 shots in the match, while Wolves have only 3 shots. But the last scratch was not Liverpool.

Diego Jota, who has a great rhythm in the Liverpool jersey, wasted two great chances in the second half, the way he missed the goal in the second half, it is unbelievable! At the end of the first half, the shoe could not keep the ball in the post with the head very close to the goal, that is the easiest opportunity of the first half. However, it is nothing compared to the easiest opportunity in the second half!

In the 60th minute, Roman Sais, the defender of the Wolves, and Jose Sa, the goalkeeper of the Wolves, went to the left side of the box to take control of the long pass that floated from the Liverpool defense. At that opportunity, Jota started running towards the goal post with the ball. But as he approached the post, Wolves’ two defenders moved into the goal line. Jotar still had a great chance to score, but he hit the shot on Wolves captain and defender Connor Cody!

After that, Salah, when many attempts of the Maneans were repeatedly hindered by the Wolves, it seemed that Liverpool could not take the opportunity to lose the points of Chelsea again. But there is a Divak Origi of Liverpool! The Belgian striker, who rose to prominence as a ‘super sub’ at Liverpool, was replaced in the middle of the second half. In the fourth minute of the added five minutes, Liverpool were swept away by the ball.

This time too, the ball floating from the defense, Mohd Salah knocked down the defender who was in control. Enter the box and increase the pass towards Origi. The favorite Divak of the Liverpool fans wrapped the ball in the net with a great shot. After 90 minutes of the match after the club became the coach of Liverpool, Liverpool got the goal by winning 13 matches, which is more than any other team!

At Camp Nou, Barcelona fans may have wondered if had someone like Origi. Today, in the first half against Betis, the football of  has been in turmoil. In 11 minutes, could not respond without two shots from Philippe Coutinho. Xavi’s team turned around a bit in the second half. However, although the possession of the ball was quite good, the Dembele-Memphis were losing in front of the opponent’s post.

On the contrary, Barাa suffered several counter-attacks in the second half. In the 52nd minute, Barাa goalkeeper Mark-Andre Ter Stegen made a mistake and Juanmi of Betis netted the ball once, but the offside goal was disallowed. However, Barca could not survive in 69 minutes. The Juanmii got up in a counter-attack and wrapped the ball in the net!

That goal in the end confirmed that Xavi is facing the first defeat in the fourth match in charge of Barcelona

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