Bangladesh lost to Japan by 5 goals


Bangladesh did not expect to win the Champions Trophy against Japan today. Ashraful Islam did not even dream of a draw. In the end, Bangladesh team lost to Japan 5-0 today.

According to the International Hockey Federation, Bangladesh has never won a draw with Japan. Red-green rate in six matches including today’s match. Over time, Japan has come a long way. Bangladesh is gradually falling behind.

In the 2014 Incheon Asian Games, Russell Mahmudra lost to Japan by a maximum of 6–0 goals. Many can say that today’s rate is more tolerable than that.

Bangladesh did not break down in despair after losing 9-0 to India in their first match of the ongoing Champions Trophy. The next day, they lost to South Korea 3-2. Today, however, it was not possible to fight so fiercely against Japan.

Bangladesh goalkeeper Biplob Kujur, who was awarded the best player award in the Korea match, caught a few balls in the first quarter today. No goals were scored in this quarter. In the second quarter, Korea’s Kenta Tanakar defeated Kujur with a strong hit. Raiki Yamashita made it 2-0 in the penalty corner.

Kato Rayosi lost 3–0 in the third quarter from a penalty stroke. Kato Rayosi’s penalty corner goal 4–0 at the end of this quarter. In the end, Siran Tanaka made it 5-0 with a reverse hit.

Korea took the lead in the fourth quarter both from the field goal. Ji Woo Cheon scored the second goal in the 48th minute and Park Cheolieon further widened the margin scoring the third goal in the 54th minute.

Dwin Islam Emin reduced the margin scoring the second goal for Bangladesh in the 58th minute from a goalmouth melee.

Bangladesh has zero points in three matches of the tournament. Ashraful’s last league match is against Pakistan tomorrow. Bangladesh is at the bottom of the 5-team tournament. Japan got 5 points in 3 matches. In the first two matches, Japan drew 0–0 with Pakistan and 3–3 with South Korea. Pakistan drew 3-3 with South Korea in today’s match. Pakistan is in the top four with 2 points in 3 matches.

Korea has finished their 4 league matches. 1 win and 6 points in 3 draws. Korea has two teams in 5 fights. India is on top with 6 points in 3 matches. Japan three.

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