A moment of Bangladesh-Japan match

Bangladesh could not stand in front of Japan


The home turf is sitting at the Maulana Bhasani Stadium, the battle for the supremacy of Asian hockey. However, Bangladesh lags far behind its opponents in terms of strength. So the less goals can be digested in a good performance, the more the hosts try. Despite not being able to resist India, strong Japan has been able to handle it fairly well.

He once played for Abahani Limited. He spent most of his career in the tents of the aqua-blue jersey holders. Pranatosh Kumar Das has put on a pair of boots in the jersey of that favorite team. The 39-year-old officially retired from domestic and international football just before the start of the Independence Cup final on Saturday (December 16th).

Before the start of the match, the players and officials of Abahani put on a garland of flowers and sent him away from the field.

In 1994, Biman Cup U-14 football started its journey from Bagerhat district. However, he made his Premier League debut in 1997 from Arambagh Sports Association. He was with Abahani Limited from 2002-2004. Sometimes he became another club and returned to Abahani in 2006. After that he did not leave Abahani till 2021 and went to another club. He has captained twice.

Prantosh did not get less success for Abahani. He is one of the six-time Premier League champions, including a hat-trick. There are also fond memories of being a four-time Federation Cup champion.

He played midfield in the national team from 2006 to 2017. He has also competed in two clean championships for the red-green team.

The footballer, who came from Bagerhat with the aim of building a coaching career at the end of his playing career, has already started applying for a coaching license.

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