Ballon d'Or in Messi's hands

Ballon d’Or in Messi’s hands


Seven times!

With a mix of immense talent and incredible consistency, the exclamation mark was always on his name. He also surprised Lionel Messi at the Ballon d’Or in Thiech du Chatele in Paris; Ballon d’Or wins for the seventh time!

The Argentine star of PSG was the favorite in the race to win this year’s best player award given by France Football Magazine. Robert Lefandowski was Messi’s closest rival in winning the award. Most analysts have seen the fight only between these two.

In the end, Messi took Lefandowski’s record of winning the highest number of Ballon d’Ors in the polls one step further.

Messi, Lefandowski, Georgino, Karim Benzema and Angolo Kante made it to the shortlist. Out of these five players, Messi won the award by getting the highest number of votes from journalists. Bayern Munich’s Polish striker Robert Lefandowski is content to be second. The third is Chelsea’s Italian midfielder Giorgione.

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