Astrophysicists Will Soon Reveal First Image of a Black Hole

The precious treasure trove from the Horizon Telescope is probably rolling out this week. Soon, people would see the first image of a black hole; it is the first ever real pic of a black hole captured by NASA’s space observatory. Instead of only large equipment, the Event Horizon Telescope (ETH) is a project that hosts a vast array of observations to scan the supermassive black hole. On Wednesday, astronomers across the world will conduct six major press conferences at the same time. During the event, they will announce the results of the ETH program. The entire project relies on the data from an international network of telescopes, which started gathering data about black holes in 2006. Even more, the eye-catching image ready to roll-out on April 10 is the outcome of the observations that began two years ago.

Paul McNamara is an astrophysicist at the European Space Agency. He said, researchers noticed the existence of a bright spot in the center of our galaxy more than five decades ago. The mysterious thing was very thick, had a strong gravitational pull. Due to the strong force stars started revolving around it very quickly. Dr. McNamara added the phenomenon took as many as twenty years. Till date, our perception of these black holes depends on pictures and models created by artists and researchers. Now scientists can detect the stars and gas that revolve around the milky way. Besides, the gas and plasma orbiting around the edge of something, resulted in brightness.

As per researchers, the space at the center of a black hole automatically falls into a limitless point. Thus they measure those black pits by the distance between this point and the event horizon. While the back hole residing at mid of our galaxy is thought to have a width of more than 22 million kilometers. If it overlaps out solar system, the hole will cover the area from sun to the mercury. Though black holes may not trigger any danger to Earth, still they remain a mystery. All in all, the news conferences announcing a development in human’s perception of the universe.

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