AstraZeneca is developing a vaccine for immunization

AstraZeneca is developing a vaccine for immunization


AstraZeneca, a European pharmaceutical company, has announced the development of a separate vaccine for a new type of coronavirus. The company made the announcement on Tuesday.

News agency Reuters reports that Corona has brought the vaccine to market, with several companies, including Modern, announcing they will make vaccines for amicron. This time AstraZeneca joined the team.

AstraZeneca and Oxford University in the United Kingdom are working together to develop this vaccine. A separate statement was also issued by the university after Amicron was identified. It said there was no evidence yet that their vaccine was not effective against Amicron. But how effective their vaccine is is not yet known. It was then said that if necessary, their vaccines would be changed.

But a research report was found last week. It states that the antibody to the estrogen Gene Cocktail EvoShield is capable of inhibiting amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. The first report was published by the Financial Times of the United Kingdom. They quoted Sandy Douglas, head of the Oxford research team, as saying.

AstraZeneca began research in Botswana and Isoatini, among the first countries where amicron was found. The company said yesterday that it had begun preliminary work with Oxford to develop a vaccine for Amicron. However, Oxford has not yet commented.

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