Assange's appeal to the British Supreme Court to block extradition to the United States

Assange’s appeal to the British Supreme Court to block extradition to the United States


WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has appealed to the UK Supreme Court to block extradition to the United States. He made the application on Thursday.

Earlier, a British court ruled that Assange could be extradited to the United States, AFP reported. The court issued the order this month.

Assange released US military documents on the Iraq-Afghanistan war. The United States has charged him with 16 counts of spying for leaking the documents in 2010. The United States then won an appeal in the London High Court on 10 December. This raises the possibility of his extradition to the US authorities. Assange then approached the Supreme Court. Assange will soon have to face the US judiciary if the appeal is not upheld by the Supreme Court and the High Court ruling is upheld.

Assange’s fiance, Stella Morris, said the high court’s order raised three issues of public interest law. The law has implications for human rights issues and the judiciary. Under British law, the Supreme Court has the power to consider this matter. According to the law, recognition of the order passed by the High Court must come from the Supreme Court.

Stella added that their leave to appeal is currently in the High Court. The decision will be known by the end of January.

Assange is currently being held at Belmarsh Prison in the United Kingdom. Recently his physical condition has become quite bad. Assange has been bleeding in his brain this month. Stella claimed that she had problems with her right eyelid as well as memory problems and nervous damage.

With the news of brain bleeding, Stella Morris said, the problem needs to be solved urgently. His condition is like that of an animal trapped in a zoo. This is what is happening with Julian. It is creating emotional problems for him.

Stellar complained that Assange was kept in the room for long periods of time, with no air, no sunlight, adequate food and the necessary stimulation.

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