Argentina will face Brazil in the World Cup qualifiers


The match is a revenge for Brazil.

Argentina won the Copa America last July from Brazil. Lionel Scaloni’s team lost to Brazil in the final and brought the title from the house of arch-rivals. Argentina then went to Brazil to play in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers last September. But authorities at Brazil’s health agency did not allow the match to take place, accusing some Argentine players of violating the Covid rules.

Now it’s Argentina’s turn. This means that in the World Cup qualifiers in Qatar, each team from the South American region is playing on a ‘home and away’ basis. The two eternal rivals will face off in San Juan.

Past statistics of the Brazil-Argentina match before the desired match have been reported by the Argentine media ‘TYC Sports’. In this figure of 109 matches, Brazil is ahead with 42 wins. Argentina has won 41 matches. The remaining 25 matches are drawn.

Brazil-Argentina first met in the final of a tournament in the 1938 Copa America. Argentina won the match 2-0, but there was a lot of hustle and bustle. The game was closed for about 40 minutes as spectators entered the field. Brazil-Argentina met in the final for the second time after 6 years. Copa America again.

In the final of the 2004 edition, the two teams were tied 2-2. Brazil won the match 4-2 in the end thanks to the skill of Hulio Cesar in the tiebreaker. Three years later, the two arch-rivals face each other again in the Copa America final. Brazil won the title again 3-0 in the final held in Venezuela. Argentina did not win with the recall of Messi and Juan Roma.

Argentina did not win the 2005 Confederations Cup final against Brazil. He lost the match 4-1. Argentina finally won the Copa Am ফrica final this year and ended the drought in the final against Brazil. Since this is Brazil’s first match after that loss, the match is in a sense an opportunity for revenge for Tito’s team. Argentina won the friendly match 6-1 in 1940. Carlos Peuchelle, one of the best wings in Argentine history, scored a hat-trick. However, Brazil also scored 6 goals in the net of Argentina. Five years after that loss, Brazil beat Argentina 6-2. The five-time world champions could not erase the scars of that rate five years ago by digesting more than one goal.

Will Brazil be able to forget the grief of losing the Copa America final? Without Neymar, the task is a little difficult for Brazil. But since Argentina is the opponent – what else does it take to get the motivation to fight!

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