Are Our Educators Preparing Our Students For The SAT Exam?


This simple requirement on the way to enter college may be very traumatic and devastating to a student. The significance of this examination is underplayed with the aid of the instructional machine all during the instructional method. It seems as though there may be a “rush” to make sure every student is onboard when they in the end attain the 10th or 11th grade degree. As soon as a scholar has reached this degree, either he’s lively in greater curricular sports or has now not installation any desires to attend university. This sat exam can also sense like a huddle that he did no longer see coming on the way to get into college. This one huddle that might have been jumped tons in advance in his educational technique. There are a few college students in order to not face this huddle if their dad and mom or guardians are smart enough to prepare them earlier than attaining their final two years in high faculty. These are the mother and father who are completely privy to the academic process and the pathway so as to get their youngsters into college, and with a greater risk of entering university with a scholarship. Perhaps our educators need to start with the parents and train them approximately the significance of the sat examination and how this examination can have an effect on their pocketbook.

In my view, the potential college pupil should be mentored, tutored and given resources beginning at the seventh grade degree to prepare for the sat examination. This possibility must be provided to all college students and now not just a handpicked few. With the new era and superior resources available now, educators should use those equipment to introduce this exam at an earlier instructional stage. We want educators to re-observe the significance of the need to inform all students that this exam is the preliminary key to moving into college and establishing the doorways to offers, scholarships and fellowships. Our financial system and cutbacks in schooling nearly necessitates that we flow on this direction so that our students can prepare themselves financially for a university training. I have always concept that i could have been a little greater prepared for the sat exam before coming into university. Perhaps if i have been extra prepared, i would have qualified for a larger scholarship. This is a count that wishes to be examined through our educators. In spite of everything, in line with records, two- thirds of university students leave college in debt. Maybe the extra the sat rating, the bigger the scholarship, then perhaps the decrease the university debt.

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