Apple Warns App Developers to Stop Snooping on Users

Apple is facing a lot of backlash after the FaceTime bug and recent discovery of the travel apps snooping on the users. Popular travel apps listed on the App Store were found using the screen recording code for capturing the screens of their users. As this is against the Terms of Service of App Store, the company has given warning to developers. The app developers are advised not to add any snooping code for analytical or malicious purpose. If they do so, they should be banned permanently, warned the company.

Apple is following the App Store cleanup program to ban the applications that have no use or malicious activities reported by users. The app infringing the privacy of the users are also under the radar of Apple. Mainly, the apps with screen recording code are targetted by the company and got the warning. Apple Apps like Expedia and used the screen sharing code which was supposed to record the screen for analytical purpose, but it captured sensitive information too. According to the security agency, the apps were recording the payment page and capturing payment information of the users, which is supposed to stay hidden.

According to Apple, the Apps require to obtain proper permissions from the users to access the information or control their device. As the Developer guidelines instruct the same, developers should abide by the policy or face the ban hammer. As of now, Apple has given the time limit of 24 hours for such apps to push the update and remove the screen recording code from the app. The apps failing to push the update will face the ban hammer, said Apple representatives to the media. Apple is on a spree to identify the apps violating the Developer guidelines and temporarily banned Google and Facebook’s license from testing internal apps.

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