The keyboards of the Apple’s MacBook Pro are slightly quieter than the ones found in the previous iteration of the laptop. But the tech giant has still kept silence over the widespread mechanical issues which it accepted with a repair program. This decision has left many scratching their heads and wondering if the new laptop’s unchanged keyboard is susceptible to dust and crumb contamination under the hood. As per reports, the new MacBook Pro keyboards use a silicone layer underneath each key to keeping them safe from finding their way under the keyboard and locking it up. 

The technique bears similar to an Apple patent that went public in March this year. It described various methods for keyboard design that would avoid dust and crumbs from getting underneath the keys and causing mechanical issues. The method uses a guard structure that extends from the keycap and this would filter contaminants away from the sensitive portions of the keyboard. The guard structure could be separated from the base when not pressed and that it would not make contact with the base even depressed due to a gasket sitting in between.

The new MacBook Pro keyboard has this similar technology and as a side effect of the silicon membrane, the sound of the keyboard is quieter. it’s hard to tell if this technique is a successful solution to the MacBook Pro Keyboard gripes that Apple is facing since the company moved over to its new butterfly switch mechanism that was introduced in 2015 MacBook. It does seem that Apple is taking the issue very seriously to implement a solution and do not want to publicize the change and admit the problem is bigger at its end.

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