Siri Shortcuts, one of iOS 12’s long-awaited feature is now available to curate third-party developers for testing purposes. Apple introduced a beta version of the Siri Shortcuts app that’s been designed for iOS 12. The feature will expand Apple’s digital personal assistant’s capabilities beyond the current limitation as it will help the developers to create Siri voice triggers for specific features in their apps. The beta version of Siri Shortcuts resembles with Workflow app that was acquired by Apple last year. The new app has adopted iOS 12’s user interface but it preserves the basic features, tabs and section headings found in Workflow.
When Siri Shortcuts will be available to users, they can create custom voice shortcuts to access specific features within the apps. Users can create shortcuts to do something like turn on the thermostat at home using Nest app, text your roommate that you’re on the way with messages and open the map saying “Tell me what’s on the road to school” to access a Waze map to your college. However, developers have to reveal all the features of a particular app for Siri. SO, the compatibility of an app will depend on the new code and beta testing.

Apple said that the beta of Shortcuts will have limited actions, no iCloud syncing and some missing actions. Shortcuts will not function when running from Siri when a device is locked. Unlike iOS 12, which is now available in a developer and public betas, developers interested in testing the feature need to press the “Request” beta app access button in TestFlight, after logging into the Developer Center. Apple will later notify developers whether or not their request is accepted or not.

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