Apple itself will be introducing new over-ear headphones very soon

The new over-ear headphones are expected to available with an updated chip that is wireless and voice activated. The currently it is requested that Siri can be used through AirPods requires a user to double-tap the sides of earbuds, though reactive to touch.

The success achieved through AirPods is the new inspiration that now for the company wants to capture the market of headphones. The new headphones will be based and feature alike AirPods and provide the convenience, and offer better quality sound.

Like Apple’s Beat brand, the over-ear headphones are expected to be more expensive in comparison with in-ear headphones. The company is trying to fix components such as high-quality audio that is expected to boost performance. The keyword for the voice activation of the device is ‘Hey, Siri’. The upgraded system will not need any physical touch to activate and operate, the on-ear device will work similar to iPhone and HomePod devices.

However, they have not disclosed detailed related to hardware that company is wished to employ with new headsets. Apple has a history to acquire leadership in the development of new technologies, within audio equipment release it is expected that the company will establish a leadership. For the AirPod devices, the company will launch the device in its “all-new” flagship design. Also, it is expected to employ the new W1 chip and charging cases with recent advancements. The company will incorporate the different manufacturing methods to improve wireless charging capabilities of a device such as improved external appearance and requirement of higher thermal support.

At last year’s iPhone event, Apple declared that they are working to introduce wireless charging case for AirPod and the newest headphones. However, they haven’t available yet. Recently some rumors said that they will plan launch next month and launch the wireless charging case with AirPower charging mat. It is also expected that on-ear device – an AirPod alike headphone – will be launched until the second half of 2018, might be on holidays. Apple offered wireless earbuds at the cost of US$ 159, but the over-head device will be costlier than this device.