Apple Fixed FaceTime Bug – Resume Group call service in FaceTime app

After nine days after the bug came to the light of public, Apple issues a software update that would fix the issue. Previously, Apple delayed the update due to technical reasons that we don’t know. As of now, the update is rolling to the people all over the world, which would fix the issue and resume the FaceTime group call service. Apple was facing the backlash after the discovery of the bug which allowed the people to use Group call feature and access the microphone or the recipient to snoop on his conversation.

Grant Thompson, a 14-year old kid, first discovered this bug and reported it to the company. Ape didn’t take any action on this bug, but when someone else exposed this issue on Twitter, Apple disabled the facetime and then disabled the group call feature. Apple recently started the bug bounty program for iOS environment, and Grant Thompson received the admission in this program. Now, Apple said that they are going to pay Grant’s family for his discovery of the bug and also contribute towards his education costs. The company denied sharing any details about the amount Grant would receive.

Apple also credited and rewarded Dave Morris, who is a 27-year old software engineer fro Texas. Dave discovered this issue weeks after Grant Thompson and then share the same on Twitter, which got the attention of the media and ultimately the company. The bug was so severe that it allowed group call users to listen to recipients microphone whether he accepted the call or not. The bug affected the entire Apple ecosystem which has a FaceTime app. As of now, only two people are rewarded by the company, but there are no details available about the amount by Apple.

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