Apple Air Tag: Everything about This Bite-Sized Tracker


In April 2021, Apple launched its long-awaited Air Tag tracker at a price of $29 for a single piece and $99 for a pack of four. It is a tiny item tracker that you can attach to any non-Apple device, like bags, wallets, keys, etc. Moreover, Air Tag has the Apple logo on one side, and the other is free for personalization with any engraving. The best part about the device is that it is dust and water-resistant, and the removable top cover holds the replaceable CR2032 battery. It is a traditional battery cell that you would find inside your watch and should last for a year. But don’t worry; you will get an alert message before it dies out so you can get a replacement. 

Getting Started with Air Tag

After receiving the Air Tag, it will take about 15-20 seconds to set it up. First, you pull out the battery tab and hold it near your iPhone. You will see a pop-up and then press connect to pair your Air Tag with the iPhone. After that, you will need to name the item you wish to track. Apple will give you a few default selections like backpack or keys, but you can call it anything. It will then register it to your Apple ID, and you are good to go. All you have to do now is attach the Air Tag to the item, and it will start tracking using the internet connection. Remember, though; you need a good and reliable internet connection like Spectrum Internet ( to avoid faulty or missed tracking.

How Does It Work?

After you are fully set up and ready to go with your Air Tag tracking, it will appear in your Find My app. Here, you will see your item’s last known location, and if in Bluetooth range, the Air Tag will show you its location. It can also make the Air Tag play a sound or use Siri support to find the lost item. However, if you lost the Air Tag itself, you can use the lost mode to find it. In case someone else finds your Air Tag, or you see someone’s, then a simple tap-in on the iPhone or any NFC-enabled device will redirect to the website where the owner’s contact information is displayed. 

The following are some of the amazing tracking capabilities of Air Tag. 

Privacy: Air Tag has the same powerful security and privacy found in Find My app. The location data is end-to-end encrypted, and only the owner has access. 

Anti-Stalking: Apple has updated its security models to prevent stalkers from tracking people. If someone is trying to track you with a device using Find My network and the iPhone detects it, the user will be instantly notified. However, this is only possible if the Air Tag is separated from its owner, so you don’t get false notifications while riding a bus or taking a walk. 

Precision Tracking: It is only accessible with the Ultra-wideband chip or U1 iPhones. If that’s not the case, the device will use normal Bluetooth for tracking.  


Any iPhone can use the Find My app to access the item’s location with Air Tag, but iOS 14.5 and above is a must-have. This update is only available for iPhone 6s and up. However, if you want to use precision tracking, it is only available to devices with a U1 chip, meaning iPhone 11 and up.  

What Else to Know About?

Apple’s Air Tag has great capability and gives users some powerful benefits. It can be tracked by devices up to 800 feet away and is as easy to find as calling out your item. It is only possible if you have a reliable and satisfactory connection, so you must get that first. Many high-quality providers have great offers like Spectrum (, so you get the most bang for your buck. 

Moving on, Apple claims the Air Tag’s battery can last a year. Moreover, its physical build is highly-durable, and the water and dust resistance adds to its quality. 

However, considering its small size, it is easy to lose, but Apple has a solution for that too. You can get an Air Tag key ring and slide it in its opening to get better safety. There are various Air Tag accessories that involve only key rings but one for every style.    

Tag. You Are Tracked!

Although Air Tag is a great leap ahead in technology, it is still in the developmental phases. It is open to stalkers, hackers, and people wanting to know your location, but you can opt-out of location tracking by turning off Bluetooth and location. However, turning this off means you are disconnecting from everything, like speakers and hands-free items, and no one wants that. 

So, there is still much left and a long way to go, but we surely are headed in the right way. With more advancements and technological changes, we can assume the next generation of Air Tag will be better, more powerful, and packed with more advanced security so you can easily play TAG with your items.

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