Why is Antarctica getting taller, know why?

Between 30 to 90 percent of the world freshwater is frozen every year in Antarctica. If all that the ice melted, if you would be sufficient to raise the world sea level. Scientists said in the new study the uplifting of ice level predicting is good and bad news for the frozen continent. The good news is that uplifting can be useful for remaining ice sheet because its make ice sheet more stable and the bad news is that, the rate at which Antarctica is melting ice has triple since 2007 which can be dangerous for the frozen continent because it will continue 15 centimeters to the sea level rise by 2100.
Andrew Shepherd, a professor of the earth observation at the University of Leeds said “Around Brooklyn, there is another flooding is developing once a year so, but if melting ice raises the sea level then that’s going to happen 20 times a year.
The news last week out of Antarctica was sobering. As ice melts and the load on the crust is lightened, the bedrock beneath West Antarctica is frequently raised. When the enormous quantity of ice has melted, the bedrock rises in response. Their new things, finding reflects that this melting of the ice takes place more rapidly, over centuries and decades. This proportionally uplifts the bedrock and may be more fluid.
It is very difficult to study the bedrock of an Antarctica because most of it covered by the thick layer of the ice: according to the study continent ice sheet holds 90 % percent of the earth ice and containing enormous water to elevate sea levels. The NASA has installed six GPS station around the Amundsen Sea Embayment. After installing they saw that melting of ice in Antarctica is dramatic and the scientist recently noted that the West Antarctic Ice Sheet leading sea level rise up to nearly 10 feet.