Android wear need to have more features to compete with Apple Watch

Android wear need some new features along with the new name for the device. Recently, Google has changed name of smart watches as Wear OS. Still it is same – Wear OS and Android Wear – the product need attractive name for the product.

The company has relaunched smart watches with new OS but, it is the same product that they were offering earlier. In this update, they just additionally offered a fitness function. If the company wants to compete with the tech giant Apple, then they must offer some additional features to the watch.

Apple has strategy to offer much advanced feature in their every new launched product. For instance, the Apple Watch S3 can be compared with a phone. Whereas, Google is not offering any new eye-catching features in the device.

Perhaps, due to Wear OS Google’s strategy will change, if this happened it will be a good start for the company. The new strategy will boost offerings of additional specifications and help the company to compete with the other companies in the smart watch market.

The product with new name – Wear OS – will be launched until October. The company has decided to launch the product before the Google I/O, the annual developer conference, where Google usually announce their new initiative and software updates.

The company can add the Android compatibility to the watches, they can offer the app to access the watch through the user’s Android phone. Similarly, the Apple Watches offers the compatibility. Additionally, they can offer the mobile number connectivity and access from Chrome with some good security settings. Also, the newest OS and eye-catching features excluding sending SMS and others which almost all other companies offer, can be helpful to capture the noteworthy market share.

Moreover, headphone connectivity, new design and attractive colors can help the device to get attraction from many users.