Amikran first died in Australia


For the first time in Australia, a person infected with a new type of coronavirus has died. Amicron deaths have been reported in the country amid an uptick in coronavirus infections. However, due to the low rate of hospital admissions, new restrictions will not be imposed, the authorities said.

Earlier in the day, several people died in Amicron in England and the United States. Meanwhile, Amicron has spread to hundreds of countries around the world.

Reuters reports that the Australian man died of an amicron-type attack on Monday, local time. He is in his eighties. He was already ill. For almost two years, restrictions were imposed in Australia to prevent a new outbreak. Eventually restrictions were lifted from some parts. At this point, the death of Amikran is excluded.

Borders were being opened in most parts of Australia, from the interior to the state. Australians began to return from abroad without quarantine conditions. The epidemic in Australia has broken all previous records of the virus being detected in the country.

Australian authorities, however, did not provide further details on the death of the victim. It has only been reported that the person was infected with the coronavirus from a care center for the elderly. He later died at a hospital in Sydney. He is a native of New South Wales, Australia.

Christine Selve, an epidemiologist in New South Wales, said in an official video message:

A new type of coronavirus infected with ammonia is on the rise in children’s hospitals in New York, USA. This information was provided by the New York Department of Health.

The virus is not being tested enough to detect the virus in the United States, according to AFP. The White House has promised to resolve the crisis. The promise was made on Sunday. Then came the news of the admission to the Children’s Hospital in New York.

A statement from New York State was issued last Friday. It has been said that due to Kovid-19, the tendency of hospitalization of children has increased. Since December 5, hospital admissions for children under the age of 18 have quadrupled.

In New York, meanwhile, more than half of all hospitalized children are under the age of five. Children of this age do not have the opportunity to be vaccinated.

The overall incidence of coronavirus infections in the United States has been on the rise since amicron was detected.

According to data from Johns Hopkins University in the United States, there are about 190,000 daily infections in seven days.

Meanwhile, Anthony Fawcett, the country’s top infectious disease specialist, acknowledged the crisis of corona testing in the United States. He promised to resolve the crisis next month. He said it would not be possible to arrange corona tests for everyone until January. There are still a number of problems, due to which I have to suffer while going for corona test.

Fawcett added that the new type of coronavirus has “extensive transmission potential”. The administration of President Joe Biden has stepped up its efforts to deal with the growing Corona infection.

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