Amicron is spreading at lightning speed, infection in 69 countries in 24 days


The new type of virus, amicron, is spreading several times faster than the corona delta type. This rate is so high that the number of infections in different countries is doubling in just one and a half to three days. The WHO said this while giving an update on the epidemic on Saturday. Khabar Al-Jazeera, BBC and AFP

The World Health Organization (WHO) says South Africa first became aware of the amniotic fluid in the country on November 24. In just over three weeks, the new corona has been reported in 69 countries around the world.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. They think that this could be due to a breakdown of the immune system of the microorganisms or an over-infectious disease or a combination of the two.

The first Amicron patient was identified in South Africa late last month. In a few days it spread rapidly to many countries around the world. The WHO says that as the rate of infection increases, so can the number of patients admitted to the hospital. So far, the company has been insisting on ticking to prevent amicron.

Leaders in various countries, including Europe and the United States, are pushing for vaccinations without the need for strict sanctions. However, there is inequality in the distribution of vaccines and coordination in the steps taken to deal with the epidemic is very much needed.

French Prime Minister Jean Castex says Corona is spreading lightning fast in Europe. He fears it will begin to have an impact in France earlier this year. He made the remarks just hours before a travel ban was introduced in the United Kingdom to prevent people from traveling there.

A team of researchers in the United Kingdom say they have found no evidence of milder symptoms than delta in the body of an infected person. Researchers also say that the new model may not be as severe and may not create as much pressure on healthcare — experts are skeptical of previous expectations.

A study by Imperial College London found that the risk of re-infection with amygdala is five times higher than that of delta. However, researchers say there is not enough data to make a final decision.

The survey report was published at Imperial College London last Friday, local time. The report comes at a time when coronary heart disease is on the rise in the UK. For three days in a row, the number of daily infections in the country has reached record highs. On Friday, corona was identified in the bodies of 93,045 people in the country.

The number of infections detected in the UK peaked last Wednesday after the outbreak of the corona epidemic. It increases further in the next two days. Health officials in the United Kingdom fear that this trend could continue. The highly contagious type Amicron is already spreading across the UK. So far, more than 15,000 people in the country have found this type of presence. The first death in Amikron was also in the country.

According to the study, there was no evidence of a different severity of the disease (risk of hospitalization and symptomatic status) from delta in amoebic infections. However, according to the information available so far, the rate of hospitalization due to amicron is relatively low.

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