Amicron is once alarming, once extremely risky, says the WHO

Amicron is once alarming, once extremely risky, says the WHO


The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that the new type of corona, Omicron, puts the world at extremely high risk. The WHO issued the warning in a brief article on Omicron published on Monday. News AFP.

Earlier in the day, the World Health Organization (WHO) said in a statement on Sunday that it had decided not to impose a travel ban on Omicron. The company described the new type as “worrying”.

A new type of corona, B.1.1.529, has recently been identified in Africa. Last Friday, the WHO declared the type “worrying”. It has been named Omicron. It is thought to be more contagious than all previous types of corona, including delta. The WHO fears that the new type could pose a major risk to the world.

In a short article today, the company said that if another big wave of Kovid-19 comes due to Omicron, its consequences will be fatal.

However, it is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. No deaths have been reported so far, according to the report.

The WHO says it could take weeks to complete research on Omicron. Research is underway on how contagious, how deadly, or how effective the current covid vaccine, test method, and treatment method is against this new strain.

A statement from the agency said: “Based on the indications presented, significant changes are needed in the Covid-19 pathological study.”

Meanwhile, the agency said in a statement on Sunday that the spread of Kovid-19 could be slightly reduced by the travel ban, but it made life and livelihood extremely complicated. These restrictions should not be imposed unnecessarily aggressively. These have to be scientific. Matsidiso Moeti, WHO’s regional director general, said travel bans targeting Africa were being imposed in various parts of the world following the identification of the corona omicron type. Such sanctions are a blow to international solidarity. Scientists are working hard to determine how dangerous the coronary omicron type is. In particular, they are trying to find out if the current vaccines will work against the new type of corona. However, a South African doctor said that among his patients, the symptoms were mild.

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