Amazon’s Prime Video App Returns to Apple App Store After Suddenly Disappearing

Glitches and bugs are not new for the Apple Ecosystem. Earlier Friday, Amazon’s Prime Video App disappeared suddenly from the Apple App Store for a brief period. The users were not able to find the App on the Apple App Store. Those who have it already installed on the smartphone were not able to update the App. But after a day of Disappearance from the Apple App Store, the App returned for the users to install and update. Amazon claimed that the Technical Glitch was the reason behind the brief Disappearance of the App.

In the official statement released by Amazon Spokesperson, the technical glitch was the reason behind Amazon Prime Video App’s Disappearance. The technical glitch affected the App on iOS and TVOS platforms. Fortunately, the developer team reacted quickly and fixed the technical glitch behind the Disappearance. Once the glitch is gone, the App came back to life on the App Store for users to watch Prime Video content on their Apple TV and iOS-based devices. With the surprise withdrawal of the App from the App Store shocked many iPhone and iPad users. Some of them used Twitter to complain about the unavailability of the App on the platform.

As the App was absent on the Apple App Store, the users who already installed it faced no issues with the service. But, the users were not able to install the updates to this App in the downtime. Other apps from Amazon, like Amazon Prime Music, Amazon Shopping, Audible, etc. were live on the App Store and working correctly. The issue seems to be with the listing of the App. The mistakes by developers might be the reason behind the sudden removal of the App from the App Store when the services were up and running for all of the users.

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