Amazon’s founder is investing US$ 1 billion in a space travel company

CEO and founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos’s abundant money is confusing him regarding investments. Might be a result of this confusion, he has decided to invest in space travel. He said this statement in an interview.

He said, “I just found an option to convert my earning through Amazon into space travel. The Blue Origin is a new company and I am working on it.”

Forbes calculated the net worth of Bezos is an owner of US$ 131 billion.

The amount of billions-dollars is based on his e-commerce and cloud computing business that has an extreme struggle. His said Blue Origin is his current top-most preference.

He said regarding his goals of the space exploration, “I look out for this as I strongly believe that if we don’t end up with the civilization which is quite depressing.” He added, “I am fortunate that I have a driving force like the Blue Origin mission, which is quite important for long-term civilization. For this purpose, I will use my funds to explore the same.” He mentioned very clear and loud thoughts regarding space exploration.

He added that he has invested about a billion-dollar in Blue Origin. While saying he didn’t forget to mention the philanthropic efforts including the battle against many social causes like homelessness and other which are highly prioritized by many social media sites. He donated approx. US$ 35 billion to research firm of cancer medication. Usually, everyone compared to Bill Gates who donated more than US$ 40 billion through its foundation.

Some people noted that he has donated immense part of his earning to win the battle against hunger, improving the lifestyle of employees, improving salaries, and paying taxes honestly. Also, he gathered suggestions from many important people on what he should donate much and what are long and short terms problems which need attention. As a response to this inquiry and study, he kicked off a scholarship called “Dreamers” of around US$ 33 million.

These figures and donations are the proofs that he is not investing all of his money in his new company – Blue Origin.