Amazon will join 'Tienditas' to use WhatsApp for online purchases

Amazon will join ‘Tienditas’ to use WhatsApp for online purchases


Because of the coronavirus pandemic, the National Association of Small Merchants (Anpec) is trying to diversify its market through a digital approach, and has thus agreed to partner itself with Amazon and used WhatsApp for online purchases. “Traditional commerce has found digital commerce to complement each other. Curiously before Covid-19, we were starting to have encounter searches with Amazon, the first trillion-dollar market in the world, to see how some points of sale could be located as delivery points for their sales courier “, Cuauhtémoc Rivera, president of Anpec, pointed out during an event prior to his collaboration in the Forbes Conecta Forum: Business Disruption.

Rivera further clarified that the network of small retailers found a way to support their customers through the instant messaging app. Many societies in our world were already using this method to connect with their neighbors to alert them of a possible danger because of the country’s insecurity problem. “Technology is used to the extent that society is adopted and, the one that has been most adopted in communities before Covid 19 and for other reasons, was WhatsApp messaging.

This application perfectly locates who is a small merchant among the members of that group and that is how it began to be used naturally, so many orders began to be taken and the delivery to more remote houses of the point of sale through bicycles or tricycles, ”said Rivera. On the other hand, Anpec stated that one of the main challenges facing the traditional channel is to make progress with the use of technologies beyond WhatsApp. In addition to maintaining the protocols, improving their administration to make their point of sale more profitable with better service, and keeping this meeting presented to their customers in the community because of the pandemic.

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