Amazon is planning to launch a Home Robots, it’s a top-secret plan

Amazon has always been working to offer better electronics device like Kindle and Echo. These were the new technologies, to which the company introduced a new era to read books on the digital device – Kindle and speaking with an electronic device – Echo.

Likewise, the tech giant is secretly working to offer another better home solution – Home Robots.

This project is the most ambitious and top-secret project of the company. Those people who know the project they address it with a name of the Roman goddess of family and home – ‘Vesta.’ This is under development in the Lab126 under the observation of Gregg Zehr, the in charge of Lab126 which is a division of the company for hardware research and development.

Its successful devices such as Fire TV, Echo speakers, and Fire phones were made in the Lab 126. The lab might be working from past years, but this year the company is hiring dozens of Software, Robotics, and Senior Engineers along with the robotics experts.

The company is aware of complexity of this project, but they are working to complete it at the earliest, potentially by the end of 2019. However, it is not confirmed as spokesperson declined to comment and said that the company will not comment on these kinds of rumors. Also, the details of the robots including its tasks and features are unclear, but it is expected to have a robot with upgraded features of Alexa which will be able to move from a place.

Amazon has deployed robots in warehouses by its subsidiary – Kiva Systems – was acquired by Amazon in 2012, for US$ 775 million.

The countries like The US, Japan, China are trying to produce the robotic servants for a long time. Additionally, the LG Electronics Inc. and Sony Corp. have expressed their interest in the sort of products. Hence, the company will be in tremendous competition with the other tech giants.