Amazon Is Reconsidering About Its New York Based Second Headquarter

Amazon Is Reconsidering About Its New York Based Second Headquarter


Many days ago Amazon declared that its second headquarter would be going to be in New York state’s Long Island City. However, after releasing that news company faced lots of criticism for choosing a suburban area for their headquarter. According to reports many local citizens and labor unions were protesting against the company’s this decision, and that’s why now Amazon’s executives are reconsidering their decision. While giving more information regarding this issue, Amazon’s spokesperson said that is considering whether a company will be able to provide suitable employment, education to all local citizens. In November Amazon selected New York state and Northern Virginia as their new place of headquarters and soon after releasing that news many local citizens started to show their rage against the company. According to reports, new offices will raise prices of local housing markets and now to avoid this criticism Amazon is rethinking about its HQ2 decision.

New York state government has already said that the local government will help the company in every possible way since it will bring some new jobs for ordinary citizens. According to reports, New York states the local government has given $1.57 billion of incentives to a company for creating more than 25000 jobs for local citizens. Now some experts are saying that this deal is not suitable for all taxpayers because the lucrative which they are getting in this trade deal is much less than anyone’s anticipation. Some politicians are opposing Amazon’s decision of building mega headquarters at Long City Island because they think e-commerce company is taking away lots of retail jobs which is not good for local government. Amazon, on the other hand, is trying to win local citizens heart and on new year’s occasion company well-wished everyone a happy new year by stating it is hoping to work with them soon.

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