Amazon and Whole Food Will Slash Prices on Hundreds of Items for the Third Time

Amazon is cutting prices on hundreds of products at Whole Foods starting Wednesday and is mostly centered on produce. It is the third time in two years for the company to slash prices. Amazon intends to attract new shoppers beyond its existing number of Prime members. The company announced on Monday; Amazon is planning to cut costs on around hundreds of items at Whole Foods stores. By taking the step third time, the company intends to fade out the whole payback image for which the healthy grocer is famous. Before this, the specialty grocer’s declared a cutback exclusively for all customers in 2017. Meanwhile, Amazon continued to bring out exciting offers for its Prime members.

Whole Foods and Amazon said consumers would save around 20% off on selected items. The offer includes items like green veggies, tomatoes, fruits and much more. Both will double the number of weekly deals especially available for Prime members. Even more, the Prime customers will receive an additional 10% discount on hundreds of sale items across the store. The company also announced that shoppers should expect more than 300 Prime member deals in stores over the upcoming few months. John Mackey, Whole Foods CEO, said customers could get grocery at lower prices in the future. He added, they will continue on two things. Firstly, both will seek to decrease prices. Secondly, they would bring the best quality product to the customers.

The e-commerce giant purchased Whole Foods for $13.7 billion in 2017. From the time, the company strived to revamp the image of the grocery store. Amazon expected to transform more Prime members into Whole Food shoppers. In the upcoming time, Amazon reportedly intends to open dozens of its independent grocery stores in prime U.S. cities. At the time, the store will offer various, cost-effective products than Whole Foods. It will primarily include beauty and health items. In the meantime, new users can try Prime membership which is free for 30 days.

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