All you need to know about Advanced Combat helmets


What is an Advanced Combat Helmet?

The latest battle helmet used by soldiers and military personnel in the United States Army is called an Advanced Combat Helmet. It is a fantastic upgrade from the PASGT helmets that were previously in use.

Due to their weight, PASGT helmets were a little uncomfortable to wear. Though advanced combat helmet cost is a bit higher, however, many users prefer the new Advanced Combat Helmets since they are lightweight.

Why should one use Advanced Combat Helmets?

These helmets are worn during battles and missions to lessen the chance of suffering a head injury from an attack. This guarantees the users’ security and defense. This enhances a soldier’s ballistic defense. Since these helmets contain head-mounted lights, which are extremely helpful in providing good visibility, they may also be used at night or in the dark. 

What are the benefits of Advanced Combat Helmets?

Now that we know what advanced combat helmets are and why they are useful on battlefields. Let us get a brief overview of their benefits.

  • Protection – 

These helmets provide protection on the battlefield. They are made up of sturdy material. This reduces the risk of penetrating injuries to the soldiers. They are designed in such a way that they provide complete protection. 

They also offer great fitting so the comfort of the user is not compromised at the cost of protection. These helmets can be used for a longer period of time. 

  • Premium quality material – 

The new Advanced Combat helmets are manufactured using ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene. This material is lighter than other materials and offers great protection. 

One of the advantages of using ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene is it is sturdy and flexible at the same time. The breaking strength of this polythene is around 15 times greater than that of steel. Additionally, it is flexible like fiber. 

  • Lightweight – 

The Advanced Combat Helmets are widely used by soldiers and military personnel since they are lightweight. Previously used PASGT helmets were heavy in nature, thus making them inconvenient for the users. However, the Advanced Combat Helmets are lightweight since they are made up of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene. As a result, the soldiers on the ground carry less tactical weight. It enhances soldier performance on the battlefield and combat effectiveness. It also improves the chances of survival for soldiers.

  • Additional Features – 

The primary purpose of the Advanced Combat Helmets is to protect soldiers from bullets. But in addition to that, they also provide some other additional features. This includes night goggles, data display and secure communication. 

These additional features increase the overall usability of the Advanced Combat Helmets. The communication feature via intercoms or radios helps the soldiers to keep track of all the events taking place on the battlefield. 

Also, the head-mounted light is one of the most crucial features of these helmets since it gives protection even during the night times. This increases the protection and security of the soldiers. 

  • Worth the price –  

The Advanced Combat Helmets come with numerous features. They are a complete package of all the essentials in one place. They offer resilient structures with their ultra-heavy molecular weight polyethylene. Thus the protection of the soldier is ensured. 

They are manufactured with cutting-edge technology thus they offer communication systems as well. They come with head-mounted lights and night goggles. Thus it is an all-in-one product and worth the price. 

You can also get some additional features in your Advanced Combat Helmets. The Advanced combat helmet cost can vary as per the features available. 

  • Dynamic design and better model than PASGT helmets – 

The Advanced Combat helmet is lighter than the previous PASGT model and has a mounting hole pre-drilled for Night Vision Goggles (NVG). The beak is also eliminated, and the helmet shell trim has greater side trim than the PASGT.

The helmet also sports an improved 4-Point Retention and Pad Suspension System, which attaches to the shell utilizing ballistic-resistant hardware at four separate locations. The front and back of the retention include movable slides that can be adjusted for fit and stability.

Each helmet comes with a water-resistant pad suspension system that comprises 7 pad systems and one crown pad. Owing to all these features, the Advanced Combat Helmets provide better usability than the PASGT helmets. 


To sum up, advanced combat helmets are must-haves for military and defense personnel. They offer comfort, protection and advanced technologies. Using these helmets will keep you safe from any types of head injuries. Hopefully, this article has covered all the things that you need to know about the Advanced Combat Helmets.

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