Alibaba Senior Executive Slammed The US for Treating Huawei’s Products Badly

Alibaba Senior Executive Slammed The US for Treating Huawei’s Products Badly


The geopolitical situations are closely related to international trade and businesses. It seems like the trade war dispute between the US-China is worrying some businessmen especially Chinese because according to the recent report Alibaba’s senior executive has slammed the US for mistreating the Huawei’s products. Joe Tsai said the US targeted the Huawei products and made sure that no one will buy it. During a trade war, the US government put lots of extra tariffs on the Huawei products due to which it became hard for the company to make huge amount sell. There are have been cases where the US accused Huawei as the dangerous tech product for the data privacy concerns. Some reports state that the Feds are trying to build a lawsuit against the Huawei in which they’re making allegations that the tech company gives its users’ private data to a Chinese spy.

Now after such controversies and allegations, the company did not manage to earn a decent amount of sales. Tsai said that what the US is trying to do here with Huawei is entirely is unfair, and there’s political agenda behind it. The number of taxes has been raised by more than double by the Trump administration. The US has also convinced Australia and New Zealand for not letting Huawei products into the country due to which the company’s overseas sales have significantly decreased. Other countries are considering whether to put restrictions on the company or not which states the unfortunate situation of the Huawei company.

The tension between the US and China has reached its peak because both the countries are trying to beat others in this trade war by putting tons of restrictions on those products which every consumer need. Even if this trade war is a more political issue, it needs to resolve quickly.

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