Afghanistan is not getting any pressure from outside with the New Zealand match

Afghanistan is not getting any pressure from outside with the New Zealand match


Afghanistan and New Zealand will meet in the crucial match of Group 2 at 4 pm today. This match will decide who will go to the semi-finals from this group with Pakistan, New Zealand or India.

On paper, there is still a possibility of Afghanistan reaching the semi-finals, but in reality it is not. Because India won against Scotland by 12.3 overs, their run rate is now much higher than that of the Afghans. To overtake India, Afghans must not only win today, they must win by a wide margin. With this, India will have to lose against Namibia or win by a narrow margin.

As a result, the Afghanistan-New Zealand match is also a knockout match for India. The eyes of the entire cricket world will be on this match. However, since there is still a possibility on paper, Afghanistan is not giving up. That is what the media manager of the party Abdullah Khan Pakhtani said.

Pakhtani said there was no extra pressure on them with this match. And like ten matches, they will play this match, ‘No, there is no pressure on us. The way we prepare before other matches, the way we prepare before this match and we will make our plan according to the situation. There is no extra pressure on us. Because, we play according to our needs and wants. We will play whatever is good for the team. ‘

Hasmatullah Shahidi, Afghanistan’s opening batsman, said they had no interest in getting what anyone else wanted. “We are just focusing on our team,” he said. Our only goal is to play in the semi-finals and we are ready to give our best for that. ”

Shahidi praised the spinners of the team, saying, “Our spinners are very good, especially in this condition. We have played a lot of matches here, which is giving us a lot of advantage now. But against the big team we have to bat a little better. The batsmen have to take this responsibility and play well.

There are two matches in the Super Twelve of the T20 World Cup today. In the first match, Afghanistan and New Zealand will meet at 4 in the afternoon.

Afghanistan are currently back from the fight to reach the semi-finals of the tournament.

For example, if New Zealand wins against Afghanistan in the semi-final today.

Then there will be no more equations.

Tomorrow’s match against India will be meaningless.

And if Afghanistan wins, India’s chances will increase, as India’s last game is against Namibia, but at the same time, Afghanistan will have some chances. If the run rate they go ahead.

Asked what India’s plans would be if Afghanistan lost the match, Rabindra Jadeja told a post-match press conference against Scotland, “What else can I do? I’ll pack my bags and go home.”

“We will lend our physio to Mujib-ur-Rahman if need be,” Ravichandran Ashwin joked in a previous match in which India was so dependent on the match.

Mujib could not play two matches in a row due to injury.

Not sure if he will play today.

In this group, Pakistan has already secured a place in the semifinals.

Namibia and Scotland were eliminated from the semi-finals.

After big wins against Afghanistan and Scotland, India’s net run rate is now 1.6.

Which is more than Afghanistan and New Zealand.

So if New Zealand loses this match and India wins with Namibia, India will go to the semifinals.

At one point in India’s semi-finals, it seemed almost impossible.

After losing by 10 wickets to Pakistan, India started the tournament with a loss of 8 wickets to New Zealand.

Now, if Afghanistan wins against New Zealand, it will be like opening the door to the semi-finals for India.

Former Pakistan cricketer Shoaib Akhtar said on his official YouTube channel, “If Afghanistan wins with New Zealand in any way, there will be a storm on social media. Many will ask questions. It will be top trending news.”

“It’s a quarter-final for New Zealand. The whole of India is in support of Afghanistan now. I would be happy if India came up. Because again we can get a chance to watch an India vs Pakistan game,” he said.

Many Indian cricket fans have added the Afghan flag next to their names on Twitter.

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