ActionDash Launches Digital Wellbeing App for All Android Smartphones

Google released the Digital Wellbeings App for the Pixel and Android One smartphones. The Digital Wellbeings app was only supported on the smartphones running on Android P operating systems. But now, the ActionDash app is launched which is the alternative of the same app for all of the Android smartphones. The Digital Wellbeing app from Google allowed the users to know how much time they’ve spent on the smartphone and other related data. The ActionDash or the Digital Wellbeings app very similar to the “Screen Time” feature in the iOS smartphones.

The makers of the Action Launcher Android app released this application for the user, who are not able to access the Digital Wellbeings app. The app keeps track of the total screen time spent by the users, some notifications answered and also the number of apps used by the users in a single session. The ActionDash works on the smartphones running on the Android Lollipop and above. The app comes with the unique feature, which is original Digital Wellbeings app is missing. The ActionDash provides the detailed report of the tracked data and the visualization for the same. The users can make use of the data and reduce the screen on time to decrease their smartphone addiction levels.

The data collection of this ActionDash app is the matter of concern for privacy cautious users. Fortunately, the developer Chris Lacy said that there is nothing to worry about the same. According to Chris Lacy, the app never interacts with the company servers to send the private data and keeps the data locally. The app only communicates with the third-party servers if the user has opted for regular data backups. Currently, the app is available for free on the Google Play Store, but the features like Dark Mode, Backups and the Full Usage History costs $7 as a one-time payment.

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