Post on Abahani's official Facebook page after winning the Independence Cup

Abahani woke up on Facebook, waking up Mohammedan


Bangladeshi football fans have a big regret.

Football in this country means a big regret, a wail; So the question may arise, what is the regret of football fans again! Their regret is with the two most popular football clubs in the country – Abahani and Mohammedan. Millions of supporters of the two clubs across the country, whether they are inactive, lifeless! The two clubs that can change the face of the country’s football with the support of their spectators, they have been fulfilling their responsibilities by forming a team per season for many years. Spreading support among this generation, modernizing the activities of the club – they did not seem to be enthusiastic about anything.

After many days, what is going to be the end of the grief of football fans! At least that is what the recent activities of Abahani Limited are saying. Mohammedan is still in the whale in this regard. But Abahani seems to have arranged a lot for itself.

Abahani has won the first tournament of this season. Abahani got their first success in domestic football after 2016 by beating Bashundhara Kings 3-0 last Saturday. But even outside the field, Abahani is a long way ahead of its rivals at the start of the season. Abahani seems to be much more organized than before. The touch of professionalism is much more this season.

Not to mention the importance of social media in the digital age. Only football fans now know how active the big clubs in the world are in the virtual world. Not only the big clubs of Europe, but also the football clubs of Asia and even the countries around Bangladesh give importance to the virtual world. Facebook, Twitter pages of clubs like Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, Liverpool, PSG are a source of information.

In various posts, they are constantly in touch with the supporters. Starting from the analysis of match information, various incidents and accidents are also discussed on these official pages. Video of the last match, picture – what not! The number of followers of the pages is spread all over the world. The supporters expressed solidarity with the club by liking these pages. Exclude the richest clubs in Europe; Big clubs are also active on social media in India, Maldives, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Kolkata’s East Bengal, Mohun Bagan’s Facebook, YouTube page verified. Millions of followers are expressing their love for their favorite club by liking these pages. This is the place where the clubs of Bangladesh are lagging behind, especially the two most popular clubs. But this time Abahani is showing signs of change by appearing on social media. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. At least no one saw their official page on social media.

Bashundhara Kings was the first Bangladeshi club to announce its presence in the virtual world. Bashundhara launched their official page on Facebook and Twitter as soon as they entered the Premier League. Both are now verified. At the moment, the number of followers on the official Facebook page of Bashundhara Kings is 1 lakh 94 thousand. Although Kings has a Twitter account, it is not very active. Bashundhara has increased its presence on social media with the aim of developing itself as a full fledged professional club. One of their main objectives is to create support among the younger generation.

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