A Smartphone App Might Be A Beneficial Tool For Early Detection And Prevention Of Cancer


Many health experts have been saying that cellphones can potentially cause cancer among the people who use it heavily. Now, it seems times have changed; the National Institute of Cancer has put all the speculations to rest. The agency has come up with new technology and app, which might be the best tool for early detection and prevention of cancer. The screening and diagnosis of cancer have gone for a toss during the initial stage of the COVID19 pandemic. A report has revealed that the rate of cancer screening has been reduced by 94 percent in the US amid the pandemic. The new app for cancer diagnosis has made it easy for people to be screened for early signs of cancer in the comfort of their homes.

The National Institute for Cancer has noted that reduced routine screenings for breast, colon, lung, and skin cancer can lead to a delayed cancer diagnosis. It will result in more than 10000 further deaths due to breast and colon cancer alone in the next 10 years. The new app might help bridge the healthcare gap, which has been fuelled by the pandemic. The new app called Miiskin is a new skin cancer-fighting technology. It is the first AI-powered app, which will be used for a full-body skin mapping and digitally tracking moles, freckles, and other changes in the skin over time. It is available on iOS and Android platforms. As per the report, one out of five people in the US has been dealing with skin cancer. Screenings for skin cancer have been hampered due to the COVID19 pandemic this year. Experts have said that this private and simple way of tracking signs of skin cancer will be a huge help for the doctors and the patients as well.

Experts have said that people can keep a record of the changes they see on their skin every month and share the findings with their dermatologists or healthcare providers. The founder of Miiskin, Jon Friis has said that nearly 80 percent of melanomas surface as new marks or moles on the skin, rest 20 percent originate from existing moles. He has said that tracking changes in the skin is very important for early diagnosis of skin cancer. Friis has advised people that the app is not an alternative for virtual or in-person visits with the dermatologist. It can be used as a preventive tool only. The app does not evaluate the risk or diagnose skin cancer, said the founder.

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