Aliens Might Have Eliminated Themselves

A New Scientific Research Says Aliens Might Have Eliminated Themselves Due To Over Achievement


Scientists at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab and California Institute of Technology have said that any life that has existed in the Milky Way previously might have killed itself. Many past studies as well have shown that the technological progress of any civilization will result in total destruction and biological degeneration certainly. Experts have said that any alien life existing in the galaxy already has killed itself off due to their over achievement. The study has mentioned that if intelligent life is likely to annihilate itself, it shows that there is no existing intelligent life anywhere else in the universe. Experts have said that humans are a late entrant as peak conditions for the growth of life have taken place nearly 8 billion years after the galaxy has been formed. They have said that humans have come to life around 13.5 billion years after the Milky Way has been formed. The findings of the study have been released on an online portal Live Science. The study has shown that the Milky Way might have contained alien civilization in the late past. However, most of them have killed themselves.

Experts have used a well-known expanded version of Drake Equation, which can spot extraterrestrial intelligent life existing in our galaxy. The study has observed many factors, which are vital for a habitable atmosphere. They have found that celestial intelligence might have existed around 8 billion years ago in our galaxy. The study has shown that some of these might have been there nearly 13000 light-years away from the galactic center. It might have existed around 12000 light-years away from the earth. Scientists have looked at those factors as well, which might be responsible for ending these civilizations. These factors include exposure to radiation, a halt in evolution, and the trend of intelligent life to end itself due to climate change, technological progress, or war. The findings of the study have not been peer-reviewed yet. The findings of the study show that most civilizations, which are still alive, might be quite young as self-destruction takes place after a long time. However, experts have said that as no evidence openly shows that intelligent life will ultimately kill itself; therefore, they cannot stop the odds of self-destruction.

In 1961, renowned scientist Dr. Sebastian Von Hoerner has said that the growth of science and technology will cause total destruction and biological collapse, which has been similar to the proposal of S Shaklovskii and Carl Sagan in 1966. This theory has been backed by many past studies as well. These past studies have said that the self-destruction of humans is highly possible due to many reasons such as the growth of biotechnology or a war. The study has been done after a team of experts from the University of Nottingham has said that there are 36 communicating and intellectual alien civilizations exist in the Milky Way.

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