A Man Suffers Stroke After Cracking Sore Neck

A 28-year-old man in Oklahoma had a stiff neck, so he tried to stretch it. While stretching, he would have nearly lost his life after suffering from a major stroke. After that, he started feeling senseless on the left side of his body. Hader’s father-in-law took him to the hospital. Doctors at the emergency room said Hader has tough luck. According to health experts, as Hader cracked his neck, the move imposed strong jerk. The neck twisted so fast that it had accidentally cut a blood vessel which passed from his neck to brain. As a result, it caused a stroke.

Josh Hader was working from home in March. At the time, he suffered from a sore neck from a week. Josh thought stretching neck could relieve pain, but he heard a pop. According to ABC news, Josh has smashed the artery by simply cracking his neck. He said, after listening to the sound, everything on the left side of the body started to go numb. Josh also tried to get an ice pack from the fridge, but he was not able to walk straight and neatly. Vance McCollom, a doctor at Mercy Hospital, said he could have got more clot after the tear which may be fatal. The doctor noted Hades could have died due to massive lump in the vein.

Still, Hader is not entirely uninjured. ABC News reported a muscle attached to his eye has become weaker due to the injured vein. Because of the damage, Hader had double and blurry eyesight. Doctors recommended wearing an eye patch for some days to recover from the condition. He was unable to walk without a walker for a few days. Still, Hader has some difficulty in walking. He also had severe hiccups for a one-and-a-half week. Health expert recommends if you want to crack your neck, just do it side to side. Twisting neck is not a good practice, and it may cause server injuries to internal organs and veins.

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