A Liberal Education Is The Best Defense Against Cults


My father generally commended the instruction he got at Lake Woodland School and Loyola College and Loyola Graduate school.

He shared with me on many events, “Gary, nothing beats a decent, human sciences foundation since you figure out how to Have an independent mind!”

Recently as I was taking a gander at university sites, I stumbled upon Occidental School’s landing page.

Its expressed point, which I reword here, is to help understudies to:


(1) Think fundamentally;

(2) Communicate their thoughts obviously; and

(3) Search out numerous perspectives.

While I would add a couple of things to this rundown, including an enthusiasm for human expression, I accept it summarizes what a balanced resident ought to do, not exclusively to accomplish a significant life, however to make a commitment and to sustain majority rule values.

More significant, in the event that an individual is prepared to do these things, the person can presumably oppose succumbing to endless “factions,” to political radicalism, and to harmful associations and people.

I was exploring religions, and I found an agenda of their qualities.

In addition to other things, religions:

(1) Respect a solitary person over all others, a pioneer or a head or some likeness thereof. (Think: Jim Jones and the Jonestown Kool-Help mass self destruction catastrophe.)

(2) Administer cautiously the presentation of outside data into the gathering. One perspective is methodicallly rehashed to the prohibition of all others.

(3) Rebuff cynics or the individuals who stray from doctrinal virtue.

(4) Attempt to be “everything to all individuals.”

(5) Disavow in any event a portion of the encompassing society’s objectives, like the procuring of material products, overflow, and cash.

In the event that you have gotten a liberal schooling, either by going to school or through another means, for example, broad perusing, you have been vaccinated to oppose the bait of factions, regardless of whether you know about it.

You’re probably going to uncertainty the predominance of one individual over all others, particularly in the event that he or his cronies urge you to do as such. Having concentrated on the greats, the people of yore, and the best scholars, you understand that there are scholarly monsters, yet the mouthpiece that drives the faction isn’t one of them.

You look for some perspectives, as Occidental’s inventory makes reference to. What’s more, in the event that you accept you have found bedrock truth, a voice within you generally maintains whatever authority is needed to bring this into uncertainty, presently or later on. You’re probably going to change your perspectives a few times during your days, shunning fanaticism, and this isn’t just typical for a reasoning individual, however attractive.

You understand the adversary of reason, the person who might stop banter, crush contending sees, and rebuff nonconformist, is the foe of humanity. The counteractant for disliked or repulsive discourse isn’t suppression, however articulation; more discourse, more conversation, an open circulating of perspectives.

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