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A Group Of Scientists Claims Keto Diet Can Shoot Up Heart Complications Among People


Health experts have been advocating that high fat and low carbohydrate diet can help people lose weight. It promotes people to do more exercise and control blood sugar levels. It helps people keep chronic ailments at bay as well. However, experts have warned people saying that they need to consider a couple of limitations before going ahead with it. Experts say it can harm people’s hearts in the long-term. They have said that if people start having symptoms like nausea, headaches, and diarrhea, they need to stop their keto diet. Scientists from National Jewish Health have said that though keto diet and intermittent fasting diet can help in losing weight, however, such diets can increase cardiovascular risk as well. The consumption of such foods is unlikely to help prevent heart diseases.

Dr. Andrew Freeman, the director of Cardiovascular Prevention and Wellness has said that data reflects that a keto diet is not appropriate after a year. He is also the co-author of the study. Eating a diet high on fat for a long time indicates consuming more saturated fat. This can result in stiffening of the arteries. Many studies have revealed that people eating a keto diet are at higher risk of death due to heart issues. The study says that experts need to concentrate on long-term studies to see how keto diet affects people’s hearts. Further studies can establish the real-time risk and benefits of the keto diet. Experts have said that people who are taking a keto diet need to make sure that they avoid artificial sweeteners and hidden carbohydrates. They should eat enough green vegetables as well.

Dr. Freeman has said that plant-based and Mediterranean diets are more beneficial for people. Both diets can reverse the risk of cardiovascular issues. Experts have said that people need to consult their healthcare professional to start with any diet plan. Not all diets are necessarily beneficial for everyone. It affects each individual differently. Health experts have suggested such findings to be included in the established nutritional guidelines.

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