A Closer Look at Inboard’s M1 Electric Skateboard

California-based company Inboard Technology has developed what many riders are calling the world’s best electric skateboard. The Inboard M1 is the most practical electric skateboard on the market. If and when the battery is depleted, the M1 functions just the same as a normal long board. Riders can push with their foot and coast along unhindered by the influence of the motor on the wheels. This convenient feature makes the M1 not just an electric motorized skateboard; it’s actually a fully functional long board with an optional motor.

Manta Drive™ Inboard electric skateboard

Caption:Manta Drive™ Technology, ©Inboard.

Inboard’s proprietary Manta Drive motor for the M1 is embedded in the back wheels. It doesn’t use any belt or gears, or have any protruding hardware on its surface. This innovative design cuts down on size and weight. Its lithium ion battery is made by Samsung, and according to Inboard, it won’t combust or burst and is completely safe to use. The battery is removable, and can be replaced at any time. Riders have the option of carrying spare batteries to extend the 10 mile battery life given from one full charge. The M1 can support riders of up to 250 lbs and weighs 14 lbs itself.

“Inboard’s top priority is to deliver the best product with the best rider experience. Riders have been extremely happy with the M1 Electric Skateboards they have received to date.” said company in a statement.

Electric Skateboard INBOARD

Caption:Electric Skateboard, ©Inboard

Maximum speed for the M1 is 24 MPH. It’s controlled by a hand-held remote. Forward and backward acceleration is initiated with a switch reminiscent of a joystick. To brake, riders press the switch to accelerate backwards. A kill switch must be held at all times for the board to operate. When released, the motor cuts off.

Inboard has plans to pair the M1 with a smart phone app that would replace the hand-held remote if its battery were to die. In that case, the M1 would still function just the same, only with controls through Inboard’s proprietary app.

The company released video of CEO and Co-Founder Ryan Evans going through all features and specifications of the M1. “We’ve received a number of requests asking about different aspects of the final production M1, and we feel the best way to answer most of those questions was to show everyone the M1 ‘in person’ at the same time.”  – company said.

As many technology companies have been doing lately, Inboard funded the M1 through a Kickstarter campaign. The Inboard M1 electric skateboard is available to order now for $1,400, although there is a wait time for shipping of 12-14 weeks. M1’s will ship internationally starting in mid September.

Source: inboardtechnology.com

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