A Chinese Company Developed Mock Mars Camp in the Gobi Desert

A Chinese Company Developed Mock Mars Camp in the Gobi Desert


C-Space, a Chinese company, has developed mock Mars-camp in the desert hills of China’s Gansu province. Mars Base 1, surrounded by barren hills, is a model of Martian base of operations for the upcoming missions. Now the Martian base camp has opened its doors for visitors. Around 100 teenagers visited the stunning and fantastic world under a school trip. The facility welcomed the students and offered them a five-hour tour. In the journey, staff members present at the Red Planet simulator revealed its interior and exterior amenities. At the moment, the Mars base model is an educational facility and would become a tourist destination soon. The facility may include hotels and restaurants influenced by a space theme.

The complex present in China’s Gobi Desert is spread across 574,039 square feet. Students enjoyed the voyage and also learned some new things from it. They tried space suits and roamed around the surrounding desert where the company has created Martian caves. C-Space says it intends to open the base for all in the upcoming year. On the other hand, CNSA, China’s space agency, expects to utilise the camp for stargazers and scientists. The camp about one-fifth of an American football field would allow visitors to feel as though they are on the Martian land.

The company has selected the location surrounded by barren mountains to simulate harsh conditions as that on Mars. The white-coloured base has a silver hemisphere roof along with nine modules. It also includes living quarters, a control room, an airlock and a greenhouse in the camp. The model can even accommodate 60 people at a time. Bai Fan, the C-Space founder, said the company is trying to come up with solutions. A strategy to invest $374 million will develop the site up to 36 square miles. It even intends to magnetise 2 million visitors per year by 2030. One of the teenagers said he is very excited to be here, and it is better than Mars in their imagination. While teenagers’ make-believe to be on Mars, China is planning to send a probe to the real Martian Land in 2020.

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