9-5 Is Dead, Divorce Your BOSS


They say 9-5 are dead and people all over the world are getting divorced from their bosses. They trade hard hats, suits and ties, blouses and skirts for pajamas, and to the office in the back room of the house. So what is the cause of this modern 9-5 operation, and first of all, the economy has been messed up with every passing president. We were promised more jobs and higher salaries, but it doesn’t seem to be the case. The minimum wage is rising and the cost of living is rising, especially in poorer areas, where prices and taxes always seem to go up at the same time. The minimum wage has gone up, but now the rent has gone up, and you can no longer expect the extra money you thought you couldn’t expect anymore because you have to go to the new rent increase.

“The price of a can of tuna has just gone up $0.30, but the can has made less sense. Now you can get less tuna in the can. To fill the gap, you buy twice the amount of tuna you normally buy, and it’s still the same as usual. Get the same amount of tuna.” No matter what you do, you never seem to get ahead of yourself when you see how everything goes.

Especially not 9 or 5 gigs. An employee can never get rich Only the employer is set up that way You are a worker or a worker bee An employee is there to set up a base or system on which you can work and then a supervisor is hired to monitor you and take care of you. Make sure you do the job correctly. Even if you make a good impression at work, the more money you make, the more taxes are deducted from your check, so why doesn’t it seem almost impossible to actually get ahead or overcome it?

Millennials, all I have to do is learn SEO and get an Ad Words account, so I think it’s the right idea to say “to go with school”, which requires a diploma or degree. Have you recently seen why some of these youngsters have hundreds of thousands of subscribers and are number 1 in affiliate marketing? Most of them haven’t even had their 21st birthday yet. After the World Trade Center bombings, half of New Yorkers lost their jobs and were afraid to go anywhere in the city to find work for fear of another attack. When unemployment ends and check delivery stops, people around the world know they will have to reinvent the wheel and find new ways to earn money. As a New Yorker, I am asking the same question.


“What shall I do now? I don’t have a job and I have bills to pay! Street vendors are very common and popular on the streets of New York. So I got into the ranks, it’s been fine for a few years, and I can’t keep paying my bills. I was there and sometimes I could do good things, but then it was time to sign a new lease and the rent went up. It doesn’t look that appealing. I think the minimum wage in New York is only about $8.25 an hour and my rent alone is $975 a month. I refused to go because I was there, so I needed something that would allow me to pay for all of these expenses and still maintain my personal lifestyle because of my regular 9-5 o’clock non-inclusive cable bills, cell phone bills, and my personal needs. On the train seat was a business card with

“Be Your Own Boss” written on it and underneath it was a web address. The hat had “nothing else” on the card, but that night I got home and looked up the address on my tablet. It’s changed, my world has changed, I’ve never heard of “internet marketing or affiliate marketing” or anything like that. The copy-and-paste system is so simple that you can make money over and over again. , the cool thing is that I can do this whenever I want, so I registered the company name as zip nada zilch and they don’t exist anymore but they got along pretty well with this company and I learned a lot about internet and affiliate marketing and its Been doing that ever since.. I even put a few of my friends and family there and they couldn’t be more happy with their lives.

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