86-year-old Senior One-ups His Walker With a Hoverboard

Gränna,SWEDEN — Lasse Thörn isn’t like most seniors. A 86-year-old from Sweden, has made the traditional walker smart by retrofitting it with a hoverboard (self-balancing scooter).

A rollator, known as rolling walker, can help senior citizens walk outdoors more easily and for a longer time. These walking aids are basically a sturdy frames mounted on three or four wheels, that elderly individuals can lean on and push along in front of them as they walk.There is not really much more to conventional walkers.

Now a 86-year-old senior, Lasse Thörn from Sweden, took his walker one step further.


Lasse Thörn one-ups his walker with a hoverboard ©Foto: Alexandra Letterfors/Sveriges Radio

The original impetus for constructing a hoverboard-walker came from watching youngsters riding self-balancing scooters in the neighborhood.


“I thought it was such an interesting gadget! But I realized that I can’t ride it without my walker”,as Lasse said in the Aftonbladet video.

Video Sourcehttp://tv.aftonbladet.se/abtv/articles/134002