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8 Keys to Becoming a Great Basketball Player


Most basketball players know the basics—how to dribble, shoot, defend, and block the ball. But what separates skilled players from average ones?

That’s where the keys in this article come in handy—they will help you become a better all-around player and elevate your game to new heights that you never thought possible.

1) Footwork

Balance is essential for many aspects of the game, including footwork. Therefore, footwork drills should emphasize balance and stay low by challenging the player to repeat quick stops and pivots.

Also, don’t forget about jumping. A shooting machine will help players who want to jump higher and have an advantage over those unable or unwilling to master this skill.

2) Ball Handling

Ball handling is just as crucial for a player’s performance on the court as shooting or dribbling. So, ball handling is vital, whether you’re shooting threes, slashing to the hoop, or taking charges.

Practice your balance and control with both hands from all different distances. As your shot becomes increasingly more automatic, use the same logic for ball handling and work hard with both hands and off both legs.

3) Shooting

Shooting is the most crucial skill in basketball. You must take shots from every angle and situation to get better at shooting. 

A ball machine basketball is the best way to practice shooting drills. They allow you to work on footwork, balance, rhythm, and stamina using the same mechanical process professional shooters use.

4) Teamwork

Teamwork is the most essential thing in basketball. If you play with people who are not your friends, work on being their friends. If you don’t like playing one position on the court, learn how to play all positions so you can help other players in different ways.

When practicing for hours and hours, use every minute productively, even if it’s just getting shots up or doing footwork drills.

5) Creating Your Shot

Creating your shot is about creating an angle for yourself and the ball. You first want to get your defender on his heels or behind you and then shoot from there. You also need plenty of time, so if you are driving, find some room on the baseline.

Next, move in until the defender realizes that you’re going up. Finally, make contact with them. This should stop them in their tracks and create an open angle for your shot. You can practice these shooter basketball drills with a shooting machine.

6) The Mental Game

Stay confident, and don’t let nerves hinder your performance. Nerves manifest themselves in many ways: shaking hands, blushing, shuffling feet, and pulling at clothes.

All these manifestations of nerves mean the same thing-a lack of self-confidence that manifests itself as self-consciousness and an inability to perform to one’s potential ability.

The secret is not to put pressure on yourself by constantly comparing your game with others or overthinking what you’re going to do.

7) Hustle

Hustle is the type of willingness and determination that makes you pursue your dream. You work hard at what you do, even when you don’t want to.

You refuse to accept anything less than giving 100% effort. By doing what’s right, you become an example for others. For example, to get better at basketball, you must practice more often and be more committed on the court.

8) Practice

Practice makes perfect. Practice every day. The more time you spend practicing, the better you will get, and the sooner you will improve and achieve your goals. When someone plays basketball for the first time, they should go out with someone who knows how to play.

Even when they are not being corrected for their mistakes, that person can show them what they need to do with their body while dribbling and shooting—where their hands should be, what foot they should land on when going up for a layup or trying to dunk it, and many other things.

Keep practicing and making adjustments as necessary so that you can consistently perform at your best each time.


Basketball may be the best sport to take your mind off your worries. You can play alone or with friends and family; it’s great for all ages, and even if you aren’t good at first, it’s easy to improve. If you’re looking to improve at basketball, here are eight keys to becoming an outstanding basketball player.

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