Outlook Email and Microsoft Accounts

6 Tricks to Keep Your Outlook Email and Microsoft Accounts Secure


What kind of account do you use? If you use it to sign into Windows, you need to know these tips for keeping it secure.

Outlook.com (formerly Hotmail) should be securely protected if you use it for email. The reason why your email is so important is that it enables you to do nearly everything online.

There is, however, another reason for maintaining an Outlook account. Signing into your PC with a Microsoft account is possible with Windows. There is a possibility that someone could steal your account password and take advantage of this feature, putting both your computer and email at risk.

Keep that from happening! Let’s review some great security tips to secure your Microsoft Outlook account.

Set a Strong Password for Outlook

The password you choose should be strong enough to protect your account. It’s risky to use weak passwords, such as ones you use on other websites or ones that are obvious or short. In order to create a secure password, you should use at least 12 characters, including uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols.

You should change your password if you have not updated it in a while. Sign up at login.live.com if you have not already done so. Access your account settings by clicking your profile picture at the top-right corner and selecting My Microsoft account. However, there are many users who always complain that they have an account on the old Hotmail, and now they aren’t able to log in as they forget the password. Luckily, Droidician has a comprehensive guide that helps you get old Hotmail sign-in activity. 

Enable Two-Factor Authentication

There is a concept called two-factor authentication (2FA) that, hopefully, you are familiar with. A 2FA authentication requires something other than your password (usually a text message or an app code). It isn’t enough to have your Microsoft account password to log in with this feature enabled. It’s important to protect yourself against password compromise in the event they leak or are stolen.

You can enable 2FA on your account by selecting the Security tab on your Microsoft account page to enable 2FA on your account. Select Get started from Advanced security options on the resulting Security basics screen.

Don’t Share Your Account With Anyone

The point should be mentioned, even if it seems obvious. Having multiple email accounts is an easy way to expose your accounts to hackers. You also risk losing account security settings if another person uses your email account, falls for a phishing scheme, or disables account security settings.

No one else needs access to your email except for extremely rare exceptions. To lock out those who have accessed your email account via email or online, you should change your password if you’ve shared it with a friend. Establish a separate account that is used only for specific purposes if you really need a shared inbox.

Using an alternative method of logging into Windows

You must use the same password for your Outlook email account as for your PC login if you use a Microsoft account for Windows login. There are two risks associated with this, both of which seem convenient.

To begin with, typing out a secure password becomes less convenient the more secure it becomes. In order to make signing into your PC faster, you might try shortening your email password. Furthermore, someone who stole your password for your PC would also have the password for your email account if they used a keylogger or some other means. However, in the case while performing these tricks you get bored, then you must check out this guide on USTVGo.tv alternative in order to watch some content and entertain yourself.

Review Account Activity Regularly

Outlook allows you to review your history at any time, just like most other online accounts. You can then confirm that you are the only one involved in the activity.

If your account is not secured, click Security along the top again, and you will see a message to that effect. In the Sign-in activity section, choose to View my activity. You can take a look at your recent sign-in activity and see if anything seems out of place.

Check Trusted Devices Registered to Your Account

Signing into your Microsoft account is possible on any device. Therefore, checking where you’re logged in periodically is a good idea. Using this feature, you can check that any old phones or computers aren’t tied to your account.

When you go to your Microsoft account page, click All devices under the Devices box to see the devices associated with your account. Check that all the PCs, phones, Xboxes, and other items belong to you. In case you don’t recognize a device or it is no longer in use, select Remove device.

Protect Your Outlook and Microsoft Accounts

You should use these tips to stay on top of your Outlook account, which is especially crucial if you log into Windows 10 with that account. Protecting yourself from attackers requires using the tools Microsoft provides. You’ll have a reliable Outlook account in no time if you follow a few rules and create a strong password. 

So, that’s it from our side. We hope that his article has helped you. Meanwhile, if you watch Youtube and think if you can change YouTube to MP3, you can check out this guide. 

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